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Mark Walker is the candidate who said ''I would propose legislation that would provide an incremental pathway to legalization for 12 million illegal immigrants.'.'

That's amnesty.

And then what happens to Social Security under amnesty for illegal immigrants? Mr. Walker says newly amnestied illegal aliens will pay more taxes . But the Heritage Foundation crunched the real numbers, not the wishful thinking .

Illegal immigrants are not eligible for Social Security checks. They will be under amnesty.

Upon retirement, they would collect $10,000 a year in Social Security, $9000 in Medicare and and $7600 in other old age benefits like Medicaid. They would only pay $7800 in taxes. Based on life expectancy, we are looking at a nineteen year payout. Heritage calculates a retirement drain of $3 trillion for illegal immigrants getting amnesty. .

Eventually, illegal immigrants getting amnesty will become citizens with a right to bring their parents to America. We're then looking at another $260 billion in welfare costs for them.

In all , Heritage places the cost of amnesty at $6 trillion. That's real money.

Question for Mark Walker. How does it help Social Security to turn America into the rest home for the Third World?

It's easy for politicians like Mark Walker to be big hearted with other people's money. But politicians like that have killed our economy with debt. Draw the line July 15. Vote Berger.

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