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If conservative voters in the 6th District are wondering who the best choice for Congress is, then note who the hard core left wing Democrats want to defeat – District Attorney Phil Berger.

In a fund raising email, the gay marriage lobby calling themselves Equality NC say “Rockingham County District Attorney and 6th District Congressional candidate Phil Berger, Jr.'s has chosen to lash out at the loving, gay and lesbian couples who married at Sunday night's Grammy Awards with a host of despicable tweets and images singing the praises of marriage inequality.”

There is no doubt that traditional values like marriage between a man and a woman are under attack in this country. During the 2012 campaign for the marriage amendment, DA Berger took a strong stand on behalf of traditional marriage. He made a difference and the well funded gay lobby is out to defeat him now.

The civil rights of gays have never been an issue. Gay marriage is about another assault on Americans who believe thousands of years of civilization shouldn't be erased by unelected judges accountable to no one.

In the 6th District, the left wing Democrats think Phil Berger Jr. is the man to beat. If you think it's time to stand up to their bullying tactics, then help Keep Conservatives United with our independent campaign for DA Berger.

United, conservatives can win.

Contact: Bob Harris

With recently retired Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild Hong Kong CEO Bruce VonCannon running for Congress in the 6th District, it's newsworthy the normally hush hush Swiss bank has cut a deal with the Justice Department to turnover client records to the IRS.

Under the deal with 60 Swiss banks, Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild is one of the 'banks that know or suspect they may have committed tax evasion offenses in the United States.'

The bank's clients get a limited time to fess up on any tax crime or face prosecution because Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild has thrown them to the wolves to get a better deal from Washington.

Here's my take. Most of us already get hosed on taxes. But there are people at the bottom of the scale ripping off the system with EITC and welfare fraud. And now Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild is practically admitting they have been helping someone, presumably wealthy, rip off the system. And most of us are fed up with both the cheaters and the Washington money grabbers .

Which brings me to Bruce VonCannon. Being CEO of the key Hong Kong branch is a big job at Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild. He's bound to be smart. But I have no idea what if anything he knew about criminal tax evasion at the bank. Nothing I hope.

But I know this. If Republicans nominate Mr. VonCannon, the day after the primary, the Democrats and their media allies will start hammering a theme. What did Bruce know and when did he know it?

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The Charlotte Observer recently ran an editorial taking Senator Hagan to task for supporting proposed regulations that will take federal food safety inspectors off the line in poultry processing plants and replace them with company employee personnel.

The Charlotte Observer said “The change would enable poultry companies to speed up their processing lines, and thus increase the likelihood of more – and more serious – injuries to workers caused by repetitive hand motions”. The speed up of the line is supposed to save poultry companies 3 cents a bird which adds up to a lot when you are processing millions of chickens a year.

Kay Hagan insists the proposed rule will have no negative impact on worker safety or food sanitation. It makes you wonder what those federal inspectors have been doing all these years if getting them off the job won't have an impact.

It also occurred to me that Democrat Kay Hagan claims to be a champion of minorities, women and the poor. Most of the people working in poultry plants are often poor minorities. Surely, Senator Hagan wouldn't be risking their health and safety over 3 cents a bird? Or would she?

Last year, Federal Election Commission records show Kay Hagan received at least $11,000 from poultry industry PACS – Tyson Foods and the National Turkey Federation.

Senator Hagan may be exactly right that replacing federal bureaucrat inspectors with company employees won't make any difference. It probably won't given the propensity of a federal bureaucrat to take a long coffee break. But I know for sure those mostly black and Hispanic women and men working on a processing line didn't have $11,000 to send Kay Hagan's campaign.

And the Charlotte Observer should have pointed that out.

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Bruce VonCannon is on TV now telling 6th District voters that he thinks politics is broken. Hardly a revelation, Bruce. But what broke it? The actions of politicians who will say anything to get elected – politicians who follow the polls.

Bruce's slogan-fix broken politics -sounds poll driven. Sort of like yes we can.

And haven't we heard this phrase before that politics is broken? We hear it on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News and everywhere else practically every day. Usually, it's something liberal commentators say because some conservative is trying to block President Obama's “transform America” agenda. Frankly, if passing the Obama agenda is fixing politics, I hope it stays broken.

Bruce VonCannon is leaving a lot out in his TV ad. Non-politician Bruce isn't mentioning that he has been away from North Carolina for decades, living in Singapore and Hong Kong, acting as the private banker for wealthy Chinese.

In fact, non-politician Bruce VonCannon is such a non-politician that he forgets to mention in his TV ad that he hasn't paid property taxes in North Carolina because his American house is in Nevada. Bruce just decided to grace us with his presence again because Howard Coble's Congressional seat is open. And because the seat is in a Republican area, Bruce VonCannon figured he needed to switch from Democrat to Republican.

Democrat to Republican? Hong Kong to Guilford County? Non-politician Bruce VonCannon sounds more and more like another cynical, say anything politician.

That's why Keep Conservatives United supports DA Phil Berger Jr.

DA Berger knows the people of North Carolina. He's a conservative who shows it, not just with words, but with action.

For example, when the Constitutional Amendment protecting marriage was catching flack in the media, Phil Berger Jr. didn't run from it. As a District Attorney, he stepped up and defended it. He was counted when it mattered. Friends working on the inside of the marriage campaign tell me DA Berger's legal defense of the Amendment made a difference.

DA Berger represents the victims of crime. He defends our Second Amendment rights and opposes ObamaCare. There aren't any surprises with Phil Berger Jr. He knows North Carolina and people in Piedmont North Carolina know him.

Phil Berger Jr. has proven he will stand up and fight for conservative principles – limited government and freedom.

There is another reason to support Phil Berger Jr., too. He's grounded in the same philosophy of self reliance and hard work his dad, Senator Phil Berger has demonstrated.

I have followed North Carolina politics for a long time. I never thought I would see a conservative Republican State Senate passing spending cuts, tax cuts, reforming the bureaucracy, making it easier for employers to create jobs , rewarding teachers on merit instead of tenure, giving parents more choice and standing up for life. Senator Berger made it happen. And I am glad to have been a little worker bee in his campaign for conservative change.  I think Phil Berger Jr. will set the same standard for n Congress.

Bruce VonCannon can move here from Hong Kong, spend a lot of money on TV and tell us he's a conservative. DA Berger has lived it. That makes the difference.

If you agree, help Keep Conservatives United with a campaign contribution to help us support DA Berger. Click the donation button to the right and contribute by credit card or send a check.

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Even when she was in the State Senate, Kay Hagan had a lucrative investment portfolio that got the benefit of taxpayer money.

In 2008, she filed a report with the US Senate when she was running for her seat in Washington. Her report showed investments in high risk, high reward biotech start up companies that had been funded by the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, a taxpayer funded agency.

At least 3 Hagan companies, Piedmont Pharmaceuticals ,Aldagen and Kucera Pharmaceuticals, received taxpayer funding from the center. State Senator Hagan voted to fund the center


Yes, Senator Hagan knows how to make money for herself.

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President Obama and Senator Hagan have taken the art of the welfare giveaway to a whole new level. Each year, we pay $1.6 billion to give away free phones, mostly cell phones, to welfare, food stamp and other public assistance beneficiaries. On the street, it's the ObamaPhone and the money to pay for the phones comes from a tax on our phone bills.

The largest ObamaPhone provider is TracFone which charges $10 a month on 3 million phones.TracFone gets paid from an FCC supervised fund with money collected from a charge

on our phone bill.

TracFone is owned by American Movil, a Mexican company controlled by the world's richest man, Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim.

Senator Hagan voted to give ObamaPhones and just happens to own American Movil shares in her $30 million investment portfolio ( Roll Call 84,2013). It's another example how big government is protecting people at the bottom and the top while the middle gets squeezed.

Washington always works for Washington and Kay Hagan is definitely Washington.


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We used to import junky toys from China like the balsa wood planes I crashed as a child. Then, the Chinese took textiles and furniture before moving into auto parts, computers and telecommunications. Today, large parts of Boeing airliners are imported from China and multinational corporations are told to shift their most advanced R & D to China if they want to do business there.

Now it seems we are being asked to take Chinese imports to a whole new level as Mr. Bruce VonCannon, fresh back from China, says he wants to be the Congressman from the 6th District.

First, let's consider a few facts. Mr. VonCannon left North Carolina 40 years ago for the Ivy League and Nanyang University in Singapore. For more than 2 decades, he's been a banker. Not the kind of banker you and I know at Wells Fargo, but part of the international banking elite, master of the universe type, first on Wall Street and then in Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong.

More specifically, he ran the Hong Kong branch of Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild – a Swiss/French private bank. His job was advising wealthy Chinese how to get even wealthier.

Apparently, advising the Chinese elite how to get richer made Mr. VonCannon pretty rich because it's reported he's going to spend $2,000,000 of his money to get elected.

Mr. VonCannon told the News and Record on December 10 that he retired from Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild in 2012.

However, Hubbis said July 5,2013, “Von Cannon will be passing over his duties to Chan in the coming weeks”. The magazine added “it is rumoured that Von Cannon is returning to the US to run for congressional candidacy in his home state”.

It sure sounds like either the reporter at the News and Record got it wrong about when Bruce VonCannon retired and presumably left Hong Kong or Mr. VonCannon pulled a fast one on him. Just to nail down the point about when Bruce VonCannon left China, his own Linkedin profile says he was working for Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild until August 2013 .

Let's look at some more facts.

Bruce VonCannon was registered Democrat until May 2013. I'm about the same age as Mr. VonCannon. While I was never an Ivy Leaguer, I am happy to say I joined the Republican Party when I registered in the 70s Looking at George McGovern, Frank Church and Jimmy Carter cozy up to America's Soviet enemies told me I didn't want anything to do with the Democratic Party. You would think someone as smart as Mr. VonCannon must be would have figured out the Democratic Party is bad news long before he decided to run for Congress in 2013.Count me suspicious.

To run for Congress, Mr. VonCannon also had to switch his voter registration from his mom's house in Randolph County to a house he bought in Guilford County on December 2 to establish a residence to run for Congress in the 6th District.

Here is another fact. A public records search shows that for the 2 decades Bruce VonCannon was in Asia, he didn't pay any property taxes in North Carolina. If he did, he should correct me.

His $900,000 American house was in Incline Village, Nevada. That's near Lake Tahoe. Perhaps the folks in Hong Kong were thinking he would run from Nevada when it was rumored in July that he was going to run for Congress. After all, when he shipped some furniture home from Hong Kong, it went to Nevada, not North Carolina.

A Congressman is supposed to represent the values of his or her district. He or she is supposed to know the people they are claiming to speak for.

In Hong Kong, Mr. VonCannon played tennis at the Pacific Club, an exclusive country club that advertises itself as for “a privileged few”. Come on people. Haven't Republicans been down this road before of nominating candidates who could connect with the folks in the boardroom and nobody else?

On the VonCannon website, there is a TV ad where he says he has never been in politics and politics is broken. What broke it to my way of thinking is opportunism. The kind of opportunism where someone with a lot of money sees an open Congressional seat and decides he wants to occupy it.

We don't know what Bruce VonCannon believes. We know what he reads in a script. .

All we know for sure is what he said before he started running. In a Swiss publication while he was in Hong Kong,he wrote “My personal wish for the future is that I might be a catalyst for accelerating the mutual understanding between people across different cultures”.

That sound like a job for Miss Congeniality, not a Congressman. A Congressman is supposed to represent America first, promote American jobs and defend American security.

Mr. VonCannon can say anything now. But when he was in Hong Kong with Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild, his banking group partnered with CNOOC, the Chinese National Offshore Oil Company. CNOOC has signed billions in contracts with the Iranian oil industry, money the Mullahs can use to build their bomb. So much for American security.

His banking group also partnered with CITIC, a Chinese government owned financial institution that owns stakes in Chinese textile companies. It doesn't quite figure the 6th District would elect a Congressman with a record like that.

Republicans have been fat, dumb, stupid and arrogant before. And we had our butts kicked . Are we going to do it again?

Howard Coble held this seat for the GOP for 30 years by staying in touch with the voters. Democrats actually outnumber Republicans in the 6th and the Democrats have a lady who sounds like a pretty strong candidate

We shouldn't let someone parachute in from Hong Kong to buy the Republican nomination like a lady might buy a new charm for her bracelet.

Bruce VonCannon sounds as sturdy as those Chinese made planes I played with

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No Wall Street investment portfolio would be complete without a “too big to fail” bank. Senator Hagan's selection is Wall Street mega bank JP Morgan.

In the Senate, she's helping JP Morgan with more than “too big to fail” designation. She's also helping them expand their $560 million food stamp processing business.

You see, Washington long ago lifted the stigma attached to food stamps by replacing stamps with a handy Electronic Benefit Transfer card, just like a debit card. JP Morgan just happens to be the biggest EBT card processor, holding $560 million in contracts. JP Morgan makes money off food stamps 4 different ways according to the Government Accountability Institute

    First, they get a monthly fee per recipient, often up to $1.45 a month for every card.

    Second, they own the terminals at the store where food stamp recipients can shop, renting each machine for say $15 a month.

    Third, they can get 25 cents for every service call a beneficiary makes to replace a lost card or correct some other card problem. A new card is $5

    Fourth, JP Morgan can get ATM fees when welfare recipients swipe their cards for cash. That can be 85 cents

    A top executive said “This business is a very important business to JP Morgan,”

    Enter Kay Hagan. Working with President Obama, she voted in 2009 to increase benefits and suspend the work requirement for able bodied recipients ( Roll Call 64). She even voted to relax eligibility standards so more people could sign up. Boy they did. The rolls have exploded over 50% even with the so called Obama economic recovery.

    In 2010, Senator Hagan expanded the use of EBT cards. She required states to use EBT cards for Supplemental Nutritional Assistance for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) , waiving it through without objection on August 5That's more business for JP Morgan.

    To top it all off, believe it or not, Washington doesn't allow the same kind of fraud detection card companies use for credit cards or ATM cards. The liberals don't really care if people are ripping off the system.

    Under Obama and Hagan, food stamp benefit increases have risen nearly 3 times more than Social Security cost of living raises ( 6.9% for Social Security and 16.7%). Senator Hagan just voted to cut military retirement COLAS.

    In President Obama's economy, JP Morgan and the rest of Wall Street are doing fine. President Obama's massive deficits are being financed by Federal Reserve money printing which has driven interest rates near zero for Wall Street speculators. Cheap money produces huge stock buybacks, paper shuffling and asset inflation.The wealthy prosper.  Meanwhile, the small business sector, which traditionally did the hiring, is shellacked by ObamaCare

    Yep, Wall Street is fine and the people at the bottom are being taken care of with unprecedented welfare spending on 72 programs . It's not a great existence but it sure beats working for some people.

    It's the people in the middle who don't have enough money to speculate who are getting crushed. Real median household income has dropped more during Obama's recovery than it did during the recession.

    The middle class doesn't get a handout from Kay Hagan. They get a tax bill from her.

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Looks like Senator Hagan can claim a new nickname. Scooter Kay

Keep Conservatives United already told you how Senator Hagan voted for a $900 million tax loophole for solar energy equipment that benefits companies like Green State Power where her son Tilden is CEO. But the same tax bill had another goodie-a tax break on electric motorcycles.

The AP reported ''Tucked into the "fiscal cliff" tax package approved by Congress are billions of dollars in tax breaks that should make the new year a lot happier for businesses of many stripes, including film producers, race track owners and the makers of electric motorcycles.''

The AP added the electric motorcycle tax break would give a $2500 tax credit for buying one of the vehicles.

The $7 million deal helps Brammo, an Oregon corporation. A major owner of Brammo is Polaris Industries.

So dig deeper and we find Polaris Industries is in Kay Hagan's $30 million family investment portfolio.

Buy a Harley and tough luck. Buy an electric motorcycle and get cash back from Uncle Sam courtesy of Scooter Kay.

Shouldn't Washington enact a tax code that stimulates our entire economy instead of padding the pockets of a few politically connected people? Of course. But helping yourself is Washington politics. And that's Kay Hagan.

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