Last year, while a typical working family saw their payroll tax increase $1000, Senator Kay Hagan voted for a special tax break benefiting her son's solar energy company.

According to his Linkedin profile, Tilden Hagan is CEO of Green State Power in Greensboro, an installer of home and commercial solar heating systems. Senator Hagan also lists holdings in Green State Power in her $30 million family investment portfolio.

In the early morning hours of January 1,2013, Senator Hagan voted ( Roll Call 251) for a “bipartisan” budget deal that allowed the payroll tax to increase by 50%, a $1000 tax increase on a typical family according to US Today.

Tucked away in the deal was a 30% tax credit for buyers who install solar equipment like the products Green State Power sells.

Buyers of Tilden Hagan's solar heaters are eligible for cash back from Uncle Sam, a fact noted on the Green State Power website.

According to the Congressional Research Service, the solar tax break is worth $900 million this year alone.

It's an incentive to do business with her son's company while the average family was being hit with a $1000 tax increase.

So how would you describe a deal where a Senator raises your taxes while passing a tax break benefiting her son's company? Illegal? Unseemly? No, it's just Washington politics Kay Hagan style

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