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In a recent candidate forum, Bruce VonCannon took a shot at Phil Berger for signing the no tax increase pledge. VonCannon said that if he was a politician, he would have signed it, too.

I guess I am all confused about politics. I thought candidates were supposed to tell you where they stand. Phil Berger has a record for keeping promises. He said when he ran for District Attorney that he would increase the number of cases the office handles and he did.

In Congress, he'll do what a conservative is suppose to do – fight the expansion of big government and resist higher taxes.

And Bruce VonCannon? The only record he has is being an international banker steering more money into China so they can take more American jobs.

A FaceBook commentator named Mike Mercer notes some of the best conservative advocates in Congress are former prosecutors like Ted Cruz and Trey Gowdy. Jeff Sessions and George Holding also fit the bill. Phil Berger will take their kind of background into Congress to hold the liberals feet to the fire.

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