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The financial press reports a renewed drop in the value of China's currency against the dollar.

The High Point Enterprise says two more Thomasville furniture plants are clothing and 84 more people are losing their job.

There is a connection. When Chinese money gets less valuable against ours, the same dollar will buy more from China. It means it will be cheaper to manufacture in China than here.

The Chinese keep their money undervalued against the dollar by manipulating the market. It's another reason American factories close because Chinese factories get another competitive advantage by currency manipulation.

In fact, an analysis shows America's trade deficits would fall, more stuff would be made in America and North Carolina would gain 65,000 jobs if currency manipulation was stopped.

Washington's failure to enforce trade deals costs jobs. The Thomasville furniture story is one more example.

So who do you trust on jobs? Bruce VonCannon , the Edmond de Rothschild banker from Hong Kong, made his fortune helping wealthy Chinese get wealthier? Is an international banker for the Chinese, a familiar face at the Singapore Cricket Club, really going to represent North Carolina?

Phil Berger Jr. didn't just grow up in North Carolina. He stayed here representing the victims of crime as DA. Creating jobs is about getting rid of ObamaCare and getting Washington out of the way. But standing up to China's violations of trade deals is also about jobs because you can't fill a bucket without fixing the leak first.

Berger is the the conservative with a record of keeping his promises and the conservative who can take our interests and values to Washington.

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