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Bruce VonCannon, the Hong Kong banker, talks about broken politics. But he's not talking about how broken politics and Washington's bad trade deals are costing North Carolina jobs.

The High Point Enterprise says 86 jobs are being lost as another furniture factory in High Point shuts down.

It's the continuation of a trend of lost jobs since Washington gave China permanent most favored nation trade status in 2000-2001.

In fact, North Carolina has lost 110,000 jobs to China. Out of 435 Congressional Districts, the 6th District ranks 13th in lost jobs – over 12,000.

But Bruce VonCannon can't talk about all the jobs going to China. Because when he was CEO of Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild Hong Kong, his private banking group was partnering with investors in Chinese companies that make furniture.

Bruce VonCannon's career has been about making money for the Chinese elite. Don't hold your breath waiting for Bruce VonCannon to fix the broken politics that broke our trade laws and cost us jobs.

John Medwining
4/25/2014 05:01:47 am

Broken politics? Really? Are you afraid to take a stand on the real issues if the day? We need a conservative who is not afraid to take a stand. Your commercials are nauseating.


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