Contact:Bob Harris

With election day fast approaching, Bruce VonCannon, the international banker for the Chinese who parachuted into Greensboro to run for Congress, has decided to make a play for the social conservative vote. On Facebook, Mr. VonCannon is circulating a petition for restoring school prayer.

Here in Raleigh where I'm from, a local Super PAC is running ads talking about how our leaders used to lead our nation in prayer and how school prayer is banned today. Perhaps Bruce VonCannon happened to hear the ad and thought it was a good message for a Republican primary.

It's just a little far fetched to think that an international banker, who spent his career helping the Chinese elite who ripped off American jobs, is an honest social conservative. Not knowing Bruce VonCannon, I'll try not to form too harsh a judgment.

But I will point out one candidate, District Attorney Phil Berger Jr.. stepped forward to defend the legal and moral underpinnings of the Marriage Amendment when other Republicans were headed for the tall grass. He's the real deal.

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