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Bruce VonCannon – Mr. No More Broken Politics – has a new TV ad copying the theme of a State Senate candidate in Hickory.

In a recent ad, Andy Wells of Hickory took on the over the top rhetoric of the NAACP's Reverend William Barber – North Carolina's race hustler in chief. It makes sense for Andy Wells to respond to Barber because he's already in the State House and the NAACP is always attacking Republican Legislators for doing awful things like drug testing welfare recipients.

Here's a link to the Wells ad

And here's Bruce VonCannon playing off the radical Reverend just like Andy Wells – declaring “it's time to roll up our sleeves and go to work”

They must be having a sale on long sleeve shirts for politicians because here is President Obama promising to roll up his sleeves .I am ready to roll up my sleeves '

Isn't it broken politics for a Hong Kong banker for wealthy Chinese to parachute into Greensboro to run for Congress borrowing his TV ad from a State Senate candidate in Hickory?

Bruce VonCannon has to borrow his ideas from other people because he can't run on his record. In a state where 110,000 people have lost their jobs to China, how can Bruce VonCannon admit that his Edmond de Rothschild banking group partnered with Chinese companies busily engaged in taking American jobs?

If I was Bruce VonCannon, I sure wouldn't talk about my record either. Better to pick a fight with a bunch of radicals at the NAACP.

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