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A recent Daily Caller article crushed more ice on Global Warming ideology. Arctic ice coverage is 50% greater than last year.

But a lot of big money and big egos are invested in Global Warming. Restructuring the average American's lifestyle and redistributing income are still on President Obama's mind via a National Energy Tax or cap and trade. If Global Warming won't pass the laugh test, Obama will sell it to fight climate change. Doesn't matter that climate has been changing for however many millions and billions of years it has been since God created the universe.

Which brings us to Bruce VonCannon. Where does Mr. VonCannon stand on Global Warming, climate change, carbon tax or cap and trade?

We don't know. Bruce VonCannon just says fix broken politics. That's poll tested and isn't controversial. A standard thing every scripted candidate can run on . To borrow Nancy Pelosi's line, we might have to elect Bruce VonCannon to find out where he stands.

But here's a fact. The Rothschilds promote Global Warming. And they want to make money off the schemes of money hungry politicians to raise our taxes and cut our standard of living in the name of fighting it.

And Bruce VonCannon was CEO of Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild Hong Kong.

First, understand this. A lot of stuff on the internet about the Rothschild empire is bunk. You can't trust it.

Here is fact . The Edmond de Rothschild Group backs the International Polar Foundation

They declare ''We need to examine global governance frameworks

in order to put in place effective instruments and structures for managing the future of a planet.. “

That sounds like a call for U. N. style world government. And Bruce VonCannon's Edmond de Rothschild Group supports an organization pushing it. The International Polar Foundation suggests energy taxes and cap and trade as possible climate change solutions.

And the Rothschild bankers see cap and trade as a profit center. Under that system, businesses have to buy and sell the right to emit CO2 on a carbon exchange. A low emitter like a wind mill can sell carbon credits to a heavy emitter like a steel plant. It's a way to raise energy prices and government revenue while lowering greenhouse gas .

Rothschild Australia established carbon emission permit trading to cash in if cap and trade takes off. Richard Martin, the chief executive officer of Rothschild Australia said, "With recent developments in international climate change policy, the question is no longer if, but when the global carbon trading market will emerge. Rothschild Australia, through Carbon Ring, intends to be at the forefront of this market, providing private investment vehicles to companies seeking to offset their greenhouse gas emissions liabilities."

Before Bruce VonCannon says Rothschild Australia isn't Edmond de Rothschild where he was CEO of private banking in Hong Kong, it isn't. It's N. M. Rothschild, the London Paris part of the Rothschild family . However, the Financial Times reports the Edmond de Rothschild Group owns a major stake in the other side of the family business and presumably a piece of any cap and trade action.

We might not know where Bruce VonCannon is on Global Warming. But we know where Rothschild is.

William Buckley might have said it this way. I'd rather be represented by someone out of the Greensboro phone book than the international banker elite

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