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Bruce VonCannon's $3 million investment portfolio is posted at the US House of Representatives website.

One thing stands out like a sore thumb. Bruce VonCannon owns stock in the world's largest investor in the Iranian oil industry - CNOOC – the China National Offshore Oil Company.

Records show CNOOC has signed billions in contracts to develop Iran's vast reserves of oil and gas.

The energy industry keeps Iran's economy afloat. Oil and gas give the Mullahs in Tehran the money they need to build their nuclear bomb.

Many American pension funds have divested from CNOOC, the Chinese company that helps finance Iran. The California Public Retirement System is one example.

In Congress, Howard Coble, the man Bruce VonCannon wants to replace, sponsored HR 1357 in 2007 requiring all pension funds to sell shares in companies that invest in Iranian oil.

From his financial statement, it's impossible to tell when Bruce VonCannon bought his CNOOC stock. Did he do it before they started signing billion dollar deals with Iran or after? We don't know. But we do know he still owns the stock of a Chinese government controlled oil company that has done business with America's enemies.

Howard Coble fought for sanctions on Iran. Bruce VonCannon owns stock in a company doing business in Iran. Lenin supposedly said capitalists would sell the rope the Communists needed to hang them.

Maybe Bruce VonCannon never even considered American national security when he invested in Iranian oil through CNOOC . And maybe voters shouldn't consider an international banker for wealthy

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