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Bruce VonCannon has a second company doing business with Iran in his $3 million investment portfolio. That's a problem for a candidate who wants to replace Howard Coble, a leader supporting sanctions to stop the Ayatollahs in Iran before they build a nuclear bomb.

First, Bruce VonCannon holds China's CNOOC which has a reported $17.5 billion in oil and gas deals with Iran. Now, we can document German chemical giant BASF, another VonCannon stock, is hip deep in Iran's petrochemical industry.

The Iranian press reports "Islamic Republic of Iran Ambassador to Berlin Ali-Reza Sheikh-Attar said here Thursday despite the unjustly imposed western sanctions the economic relations of Iran and Germany have grown well on a continuous process... Several renowned German companies are involved in major Iranian infrastructure projects, especially in the petrochemical sector, like Linde, BASF, Lurgi, Krupp, Siemens, ZF Friedrichshafen, Mercedes, Volkswagen and MAN." (Zawya, "Envoy: Iran-Germany Economic Ties Growing Well Despite Sanctions," 7/11/2013)

The Iranian nuclear program needs the oil money. CNOOC and BASF help Iran. That's why Congressman Coble supported sanctions.

President Obama is fighting against sanctions. Ignoring the moral implication of Bruce VonCannon's stock investments in companies doing business with Iran, the Democrat nominee for Congress can posture against President Obama's weakness and Bruce VonCannon's portfolio at the same time.

Granted, BASF is only $1600 in a $3 million portfolio. But why help Iran or give Democrats the issue?

Republicans need to look deeper than Bruce VonCannon's superficial broken politics TV ad.Phil Berger is the conservative who can win.

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