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When Mr. Walker's campaigners call me a Nazi, it means they are afraid of the facts about Mark Walker supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Last week on Facebook, I posted Mark Walker's own words on amnesty for illegal aliens. Mr. Walker said “I would propose legislation that would provide an incremental pathway to legalization for 12 million illegal immigrants ''

That's amnesty. Needless to say, Mark Walker's campaigners get upset when you expose his support for amnesty, especially when you shine the light on his own words. Moments later, a Mark Walker campaigner floated a response over the Facebook page. “After looking at Bob's page he would have fit perfectly in the Nazi propaganda machine of WWII Germany .''

Nazi propaganda? Don't the Mark Walker campaigners understand history?

Nazi propaganda wasn't about quoting the other guy's words in a political campaign. It was about about demonizing whole races and religions. Demonizing for the purpose of breaking down barriers between right and wrong. And Nazi propaganda led to Babi Yar and Auschwitz.

Calling someone a Nazi is what you expect from shallow thinkers like the spoiled brats on the left in elite universities. I would have thought conservatives were better than that.

And there is no reason to think Mark Walker agrees with what some of his campaigners say. But two things make me wonder.

First, shortly after the Nazi comment, Mark Walker himself chimed in on Facebook. He said “Thanks for having my back guys”.

A few days later, I checked back on that Facebook conversation. And Mark Walker's congratulatory comments had been removed. He didn't say the Nazi comment was wrong. He just erased the record that he ever saw it. Just like they do in Washington when they erase their own words from the Congressional Record.

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