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Whoever the political spin doctor was who told Mark Walker to drag Howard Coble into the amnesty debate made a mistake.

On Facebook, Mark Walker dismissed his support for amnesty because ''May I also remind you that as great a man that Howard Coble is, he supported Gerald Ford over Ronald Reagan.''

When Mr. Coble supported President Ford 38 years ago, he was Revenue Secretary for Governor Holshouser, who was President Ford's top guy in North Carolina, and Mark Walker was 7 years old and living in Texas I think.

So it's obvious that Mark Walker doesn't have any memory about what Howard Coble was doing in 1976. Some spin doctor told Mr. Walker to throw Howard Coble out there as supposedly making a mistake back then so people ought to overlook Mark Walker supporting amnesty now.

Doesn't make sense, does it? And it really doesn't make sense when you remember Howard Coble actually voted against amnesty for illegal aliens way back in 1986 (Roll Call 433, 10/15/86). And Edwin Meese, who was President Reagan's Attorney General at the time Reagan was talked into signing the bill now says it was Mr. Reagan's greatest mistake.

Mark Walker didn't learn from Howard  Coble's example. Coble opposed amnesty. And Mr. Walker didn't learn from Reagan's close friend Ed Meese who said amnesty was a mistake. Instead, Mark Walker hitched a ride on the media's amnesty train.  And he can't spin his way out.

Whoever that spin doctor was who told Mark Walker to throw Howard Coble into the Walker amnesty mess just didn't think it through.

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