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Congratulations Mark Walker. It's on to November. And congratulations to Phil Berger Jr. on a hard fought campaign. Let's follow the words of Chairman Daoud who says we're all on the same team now.

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Phil Berger Jr. The only candidate endorsed for defending the 2nd Amendment.

If you think law and order might break down, defend your right to defend yourself. Vote for Berger. Endorsed for supporting the 2nd Amendment by Grassroots North Carolina

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Phil Berger Jr.stands for these principles.
Cut spending, cap spending and balance budget

No tax increase pledge

Repeal ObamaCare

Against amnesty


Protect 2nd Amendment

Stop regulatory overkill

That's why leaders like Howard Coble, Billy Yow and the Tea Party Express trust Phil Berger for Congress
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Ministers are held in high regard. Most should be. But not the Reverend Al Sharpton. And not the Reverend Mark Walker. Not after last night's debate.

Reverend Al had the Tawana Brawley case where a black girl accused a white DA of gang raping her. Only the rape never happened. It was Reverend Al's hoax. And the racial turmoil the case spawned made Reverend Al the new Jesse Jackson.

Instead of Tawana Brawley, Reverend Mark had the case of Berger v U. S. Reverend Mark said that case showed DA Berger is guilty of ethics violations. Here's what the News and Record wrote about Reverend Mark.

“Just yesterday we were able to find out that the Chief Justice of Ethics of the North Carolina Supreme Court reprimanded him for misleading the jury not based on the facts,” Walker said in the debate. “If you want to know specific it was Berger vs. U.S., May of 2013.”

There is no chief justice of ethics at the state Supreme Court and the case Walker cited was a U.S. Supreme Court case from 1935 completely unrelated to his opponent.

Reverend Mark made up ethics violations like Reverend Al made up the rape. Reverend Mark wanted to smear DA Berger, relying on Mark Twain's dictum that a lie would go half way around the world before the truth got its boots on. Pretty cynical politics.

And we'll know Tuesday night if voters want more of that.

Reverend Mark's fans will take me to task for what I have just written. But they don't give their man enough credit. He bets more people will see the smear in the debate than will ever read the truth about it. We'll know Tuesday night

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Mr. Walker's campaigners say I am in the establishment. They even say I'm like Karl Rove. Me. A guy who spent his own money for Bachmann and Santorum trying to head off the Romney defeat.

I'm not insider or outsider, establishment or Tea Party. Just a conservative who cut his teeth on Goldwater books, Jesse Helms TV editorials and Reagan's Shinning City on a Hill speech.

And to show how dumb all the insider /outsider stuff is, consider this. Mark Walker has paid $11,000 to Dyce Communications which is run by Alfredo Rodriguez who has his work for Karl Rove's American Crossroads posted here

Imagine. Mark Walker in league with Rove's guy. Ironic.

But this Rove connection with Mr. Walker doesn't mean he's in the establishment's pocket. It just illustrates how silly the insider /outsider argument about choosing between Mark Walker and Phil Berger Jr. Neither is in anyone's pocket.

There are two differences between Berger and Walker. Berger is effective getting something done. School choice and the toughest jail time for criminals by any DA in the state as the Sentencing Commission showed.

Berger is conservative and straightforward. Walker flip flops. Amnesty. Fair Tax. Flat Tax.

And Mr. Walker accuses people of illegal conduct without any proof. He said I fabricated his amnesty website when he had admitted to the Rhino Times a few weeks earlier that it was his. Honesty ought to matter . Under pressure, despite his good points, Mr. Walker cracked and didn't tell the truth

Phil Berger Jr. is the conservative who can get something done for America

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Someone calling himself John Blust comments ''Who are you? " I hope this isn't Representative John Blust, who I have always believed was a good legislator. Because he should know. I am an American. And a North Carolina taxpayer who pays his salary.

We can disagree about Mr. Walker and Mr. Berger. But let's agree both would be better than Pelosi's candidate
In response to Mr. Walker's bogus charge that Keep Conservatives United is involved in illegal conduct, WFMY asked us about our relationship with Berger for Congress and our political involvement. Here is exactly what I told WFMY.

I formed kcu in 2011 to elect conservative Republicans. We supported Bachmann and Santorum for President. We have published original research on Senator Hagan and I have personally produced an ad kcu hopes to air in the fall.
Senator Berger's done more than anyone since Helms to advance conservative ideas in NC. Berger Jr is the only candidate in the race who has done anything effective for improving government or advancing the cause. Sixth district was only competitive race.
I have no contact with the campaign and footage came from you tube and FEC says that's OK
I understand Walker's c4gc friends, who are a state pac, are running ads for him in a Federal race. Don't think that is legal. However, I don't object. Not interested in suppressing free speech like some kind of Lois Lerner
Write back if you have questions
The News and Record endorsed Mark Walker for Congress. Because he won't sign the no tax increase pledge. The paper that loves Hagan loves Walker, too. Another good reason to vote for Phil Berger Jr.
Phil Berger, Jr. Likely to Win Next Tuesday’s GOP Runoff for U.S. Rep. Howard Coble’s Seat


July 7, 2014        Vol. VII, No. 17          8:13 am


Berger has Money, Organization and an Opponent holding a Smoking Gun


Phil Berger, Jr., Rockingham County District Attorney and son of NC Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger, Sr., is likely to win the GOP primary runoff race next Tuesday for retiring U.S. Rep. Howard Coble’s seat, thanks to clear advantages in money, messaging and mobilization.


Berger’s opponent, Mark Walker, a former pastor at Lawndale Baptist Church in Greensboro, has been on the defensive through much of the runoff due to allegations of flip-flopping on “granting amnesty to illegal immigrants.” A candidate seen as a flip-flopper on an issue as important to Republicans as “illegal immigration” is a candidate out of favor with conservative hardliners, the most likely voters to turn out in a GOP Primary runoff.


Mark Walker has also struggled to raise a competitive campaign war chest, or to attract the backing of an independent group like Keep Conservatives United, a super PAC which has spent about $200,000 to aid Berger during the primary and runoff.


According to a Sunday, July 6, 2014, Greensboro News & Record story, Berger leads Walker in fundraising race, “Since April, the super PAC Keep Conservatives United has spent about $92,000 in support of Berger and about $43,600 to oppose Walker.”


The News & Record story, written by Jennifer Fernandez, notes that Berger has raised twice as much money as Walker during the latest reporting period, and that Berger has spent a total of $433,922 to $274,300 spent by Walker, per the latest FEC reports.


Money means having the resources to do everything right. Messaging; Mobilization. It is a critical advantage if you are from Rockingham County, like Berger, which has only 12% of the district’s voters, running against a candidate from Guilford County, which has 43% of the voters.


Guilford County 43% Voters; Rockingham 12%; District Solid Republican


According to NCFEF’s Almanac of NC Politics 2014 Primary Edition, Guilford County, Mark Walker’s home county, dominates the 6th Congressional District with 43% of all registered voters. Rockingham County, Phil Berger, Jr.’s home county, has only 12%.

  • Guilford County 43% of the district, Alamance 14%, Rockingham County 12%, Surry 9%, Stokes 6%, Person 5%, Durham 5%, Caswell 3%, Orange 3% and Granville 1%
  • Guilford County, the political epicenter of the district, will always have an advantage in the 6th Congressional District race and will need to be courted diligently and effectively
  • The district has 39% Democrats, 35% Republicans and 25% Unaffiliated voters
  • Romney beat Obama here in 2012 by 54% to 45%; McCrory won by 58% to 40%
NCFEF has the 6th Congressional District rated “Strong Republican” on the group’s Conventional Voting Behavior Ratings. Stu Rothenberg, Rothenberg Political Report, has North Carolina’s 6th Congressional District categorized “Currently Safe Republican.” Charlie Cook, Cook Political Report, rates this district “Solid Republican” on his Partisan Voter Index.


That means that the winner of next week’s GOP primary runoff is favored to win the Fall General Election race against Democrat Laura Fjeld, former general counsel for the University of North Carolina System.


Turnout: 95%-96% will NOT VOTE; 6,000-7,000 votes wins

  • July 17, 2012 was last election with a GOP Primary runoff in congressional races
  • Only 220,635 voters participated statewide (3.58% total turnout) on 7/17/2012
  • GOP Congressman Richard Hudson won his 2012 runoff race with 10,635 total votes, reflecting a 75% drop off in Republicans participating in the 2nd round runoff
  • GOP Congressman Mark Meadows won his 2012 runoff race with a total of 17,427 votes; reflecting a 76% drop off in Republicans participating in the 2nd round runoff
On May 6, 2014, a total of 44,136 votes were cast in the 6th District GOP primary race. Based on historical 2nd round drop-off ranges of 75% to 80%, the July 15 GOP 6th District primary runoff turnout is likely to be 12,000 – 14,000 total votes.


That means as few as 6,000 – 7,000 votes could win the runoff … and the congressional seat!


Keep Conservatives United Exploit Walker’s Smoking Gun


In the July 3, 2014 Rhino Times, a conservative weekly newspaper, the commentary by John Hammer titled Walker’s Positions Evolve; Berger’s Remain Steady, described Walker as “a candidate with his finger in the air to see which way the wind is blowing.”


A candidate with that reputation cannot win a Republican primary runoff race where the most likely voters are conservative hardliners who believe that right is right and wrong is wrong and anything between the two is not worth discussing.


Walker has been against the ropes ever since U.S. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost his campaign on June 10, 2014, in part because of his support for the immigration reform principles of the DREAM ACT. Within days, the pro-Berger Keep Conservatives United super PAC ran ads exposing two smoking gun quotes by Mark Walker on the immigration issue, quotes from respected local sources like the Rhino Times and Walker’s own website:


 “I would propose legislation that would provide an incremental pathway to legalization for 12 million illegal immigrants.''

        “I propose 'Pathway to Security' legislation that would provide an incremental pathway to citizenship for 12 million illegal immigrants.''


Walker’s response was anemic: “Truthfully, my position on this issue as a minister was not well articulated.” It was also confusing. Being for a pathway to “legalization” but against “amnesty” is a position that requires elaboration. If you have to elaborate, you lose voters.


Walker has set himself up to be portrayed as a flip-flopper on immigration. Not good if you are counting on uncompromising ideological purists to turn out and vote for you.


Berger’s Counterpunch as Good as it Gets


Berger showed his ability to counterpunch during the final weeks of the first primary race when one of his opponents funded an attack against him claiming that as Rockingham County District Attorney “he allowed a child molester to get off with an easy sentence.”


Fortuitously, a NC Sentencing and Policy Advisory Commission study was released that gave the Berger camp the perfect counterpunch, one that completely discredited the attack. The report concluded that: “Defendants who are sentenced to prison in Rockingham County receive the most severe punishments available, nearly four times the state average.”

  • DA Berger’s office is ranked 1st in criminal defendants with the lengthiest sentences
  • Average Rockingham Co. max sentence is 13 months longer than state average
  • One of top three counties in state for “the longest minimum jail sentence”
As a response to an attack ad, it doesn’t get any better than that!


Meanwhile, because of limited resources, Walker has not been in a position to counter the barrage of attack ads on the “immigration flip-flop,” ads that are certainly discouraging to many Republicans who otherwise would likely have been Walker voters. 


Granted, Mark Walker has volunteers from his church community that he has networked since he began his campaign in March 2013. And, he has a small, but very loyal staff. But, without operating capital he will not be able to counter the “he flip-flopped on immigration” attack ads.




Most endorsements are not politically significant: Campaign news over the last few weeks has included announcements of endorsements of Phil Berger, Jr. by former Greensboro Mayor Robbie Perkins, and announcements of endorsements of Mark Walker by GOP primary losers Mark Harris and Heather Grant. Walker also touted the endorsement of conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly, who turns 90 in August.


Voters are indifferent to endorsements. They rarely influence the outcome of elections.


If there is an exception, it is Billy Yow’s endorsement of Phil Berger, Jr. last week. Yow, a former Guilford County commissioner, is a “Give ‘Um Hell Harry” hard-core conservative highly regarded by right-wing conservative Republicans in the area.


Last Friday, July 4, 2014, Greensboro’s News & Record ran a story on the endorsement that described Yow as, “… a popular conservative political brand in Guilford, the largest county in the sprawling 6th District. Brash and colorful, Yow is known for cutting remarks, fiery speeches and a no-holds-barred approach to dealing with Democrats.”


If Billy Yow says Phil Berger, Jr. is a solid conservative, you can bet Phil Berger, Jr. is a solid conservative. Yow’s endorsement matters. Like Howard Coble’s endorsement of Phil Berger, Jr. matters. Especially to voters most likely to turn out in the July 15 GOP primary runoff.


Walker has also been able to win several prized endorsements including:

  • Guilford County Sheriff B.J. Barnes and Terry Johnson, the Alamance County Sheriff
  • Guilford County Commissioner Alan Branson
  • Bill Wright, former Guilford Co. GOP Chair and Mayor
  • Civil rights leader Clarence Henderson
  • Summerfield Mayor Tim Sessoms and Stokesdale Mayor Randy Braswell
Phil Berger, Jr.’s endorsements include:

  • Congressman Howard Coble
  • Tony Wilkins, former Guilford County GOP chairman who is frequently referred to as “The Lone Conservative Voice” on the Greensboro City Council
  • North Carolina Sen. Trudy Wade
  • Marty Kotis, a prominent conservative Republican who made his money in real estate
  • Guilford County Commissioner Linda Shaw
  • Billy Yow, former Guilford County Commissioner
Key Dates/Conclusions


Final debate July 11 is a manageable risk: The final week of the campaign is the peak period of exhaustion and stress. Not a time to be taking risks with debates IF you are winning.


However, Berger’s willingness to accept an invitation to debate Walker on July 11 takes the “he’s afraid to debate me” issue off the table, leaving Walker with little to counter Berger’s attack machine. Berger wins the debate by not losing the debate due to a gaffe. A manageable risk.

The debate will be recorded here in Raleigh at TWC News, with “Capital Tonight” anchor Tim Boyum as the moderator. It will air at 7:30 pm, July 11 on the TWC affiliate channels.

  • Absentee Voting by Mail began May 31, 2014
  • Early voting began July 3, 2014; ends July 12, 2014
  • Election Day July 15, 2014
Phil Berger, Jr., Rockingham County District Attorney and son of NC Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger, Sr., is likely to win the GOP primary runoff race next Tuesday for retiring U.S. Rep. Howard Coble’s seat, thanks to clear advantages in money, messaging and mobilization.

Contact:Bob Harris

Is there something in the water in the Surry County Town of Dobson causing amnesia? No, because my veterinarian father traveled to Dobson many times while working in the poultry industry and he had an excellent memory until the day he went to Heaven .

But Mark Walker had a bad case of amnesia discussing his view on illegal immigration while campaigning in Dobson a few days ago . The News and Record reported “There is a transition,” Walker said. “My position did firm up over the last two years and I’m not embarrassed about that.''

The paper also said ''Walker told the crowd he now believes the U.S. needs to secure its borders and enforce the immigration laws already in place. That will dry up the job market for workers here illegally, he said.''

So in Dobson the other day, Mr. Walker made it sound like he might have been for something like amnesty a long time ago but now he wants those illegal immigrants to leave and he will make them leave by enforcing the law.

Only that isn't what the Rhino Times newspaper wrote in June at the Greensboro Realtors debate. Here is what the Rhino Times reported, “An earlier post on one of his website states, “I propose ‘Pathway to Security’ legislation that would provide an incremental pathway to citizenship for 12 million illegal immigrants.”

And the newspaper asked Mr. Walker about that statement and here is what he said. “In June, asked about his earlier position on immigration in favor of a path to “citizenship,” Walker said that he was not ever in favor of “a pathway to amnesty” but agreed that he had been in favor of a “pathway to legalization.”  He did admit that it was one of his websites we were discussing and agreed that he had been in favor of a pathway to legalization.”

So in June, Mark Walker admitted that he had favored legal status for illegal immigrants. How does that square with what he said in Dobson about enforcing the law to send illegals home? It doesn't. While in Dobson Mr. Walker was all for sending illegals home by taking away their jobs, he told the Rhino Times the idea of deporting illegals is '' ludicrous.''

And note the part of the Rhino Times interview where Mr. Walker admitted the website favoring citizenship and legalization was indeed his.

Only he denies having anything to do with that legalization website now. The Rhino Times notes, “Now Walker is accusing a super political action committee (PAC) that supports Berger of creating the website and posting on it the statements about amnesty.”

Mark Walker is caught. He has said too many different things in too many different places. And he doesn't have the honesty to take responsibility for it.

Mr. Walker is suffering an acute case of political amnesia where a politician forgets what he has said before and hopes the voters don't care enough to check.

He may have charisma and charm and a reputation for truth . But under pressure, Mark Walker is dangerously close to turning himself into a say anything to get elected politician.

However , saying anything to get elected might not work for Mr. Walker. One Surry County voter told the News and Record, “I’m not 100 percent sure I agree with what Walker says about amnesty. I think he’s made some comments in the past that don’t match what he’s saying now.''

People do catch on .