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Happy July 4th to Team Berger and Team Walker. Today is a day for hot dogs and firecrackers. It's also a day to remember that the men who met in Philadelphia July 4th, 1776 and the women behind them gave us the opportunity to live in what became the greatest country in the history of the world.

We have a Republic if we can keep it.
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Senator Jesse Helms always had one campaign promise and that was to level with the voters. And nobody can say he didn't.

That brings me to yesterday's Breitbart News story where Mark Walker changed his story again about who published the website where he said he wanted legalization for 12 million illegal immigrants.

You will recall that last Saturday on Facebook Mark Walker told a voter who asked him where the website came from that Bob Harris did it. And he seemed rather emphatic when he posted those words.

But as I pointed out later that evening, Mr. Walker had admitted in the Rhino Times in June that it was his website and they were his words but he just didn't believe them anymore.

But yesterday in the Breitbart story, Mr. Walker's campaign claimed either Phil Berger Jr. did it or an unknown third party but the website was definitely “fake”. Saturday night, Mark Walker was dead sure I did it. Now it's just somebody did it.

Can anybody imagine Jesse Helms coming up with a mish mash of double talk like this?

And here's why it matters. If a candidate is going to so obviously try to deceive you and blame somebody else for something he did, then he will deceive you when he gets to Washington. And don't we have enough deception in Washington already?

Under normal circumstances, if a candidate was promoting such a blatantly false story, the media would be all over it, especially the Greensboro News and Record.

But not this time. Because the News and Record might just be afraid that Phil Berger Jr. will be as effective promoting conservative issues in Washington as his dad has been in Raleigh. Senator Berger has passed tax cuts, spending restraint, school choice legislation and pro-life laws the left hates with a passion. And their attack doesn't slow down Senator Berger. He just keeps advancing conservative ideas that work.

Mark Walker is willing to fool the voters. And a politician who thinks he can fool people about where his amnesty website came from will think he can fool us again

Phil Berger Jr. isn't flip flopping like a fish out of water. He's consistent. And he might well be another fighter for what is right like his father. And we need that kind of leader in Washington.

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The time line does not look good for Mark Walker's honesty about when he made his statement in favor of legalization for 12 million illegal immigrants.

On Facebook Saturday night, a gentleman posted this statement

“Let's be honest, Mark - as all my C4GC friends would require - you are on record as saying we need a "path to legalization for the 12 million illegals in the country." That sounds a lot like amnesty. I am a Berger supporter, and was one long before you got into the race, but I find it troubling that you would suggest that you are opposed to amnesty, when you are on record as saying that you favor a path to legalization for 12 million. If we want straight talk from Berger, certainly we want the same from you!'

Mark Walker answered him this way

“I don't know you but you seem a reasonable person... Those comments are a couple of years old from an old site when I was still pastoring. Bob Harris has created another website and placed those comments on there.”

Of course, Mark Walker made up his story that I created another website and placed his old comments there. I am not a computer expert but if Google and the NSA can track our movements through our cell phones, then I am sure someone could figure out where the website came from and who did it.

But there is no need to trace it because Mark Walker himself admitted in the Rhino Times on June 5 that the website was his. In his Facebook exchange, he made up a new story and forgot he had already told the newspaper a different story.

Do Republicans really want a politician who is changing his story like he was in Washington already?

But look at the second point in Mark Walker's new story. He says “Those comments are a couple of years old from an old site when I was still pastoring.”

The comments he says are 2 years old can be found here.

Notice the video on that website. It is Mark Walker speaking at what appears to be the Guilford Courthouse Battlefield. And according to Mark Walker's You Tube page, the video was posted April 18, 2013. So that website has content on it that is a year old, not 2 years old as Walker claims.

On November 20, 2012, blogger Billy Jones reported Mark Walker had withdrawn his name from consideration for the vacant Greensboro City Council seat.

Does anyone think a candidate for City Council 2 years ago was writing a position paper on illegal immigration and the other national issues that are on that website? No. That is a website Mark Walker created for his campaign for Congress. It's nothing I created and it's not a church website and it's not 2 years old like he claims.

I really don't care if Mark Walker wants to bear false witness against me. An infinitely higher power than me can judge that.

But I sure would hate to see the Democrats take this Congressional seat for Obama because Republican voters didn't realize that Mark Walker is a fatally flawed candidate. Telling too many stories is a sure way to lose.

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Mark Walker must want to be a Congressman very badly. He is lending his name to the internet trashing of Robert Luddy.

Mr. Luddy owns Captive Aire, a maker of kitchen ventilation for restaurants. I have never met him but have corresponded with him occasionally for years. I first learned of him when he helped Raleigh Mayor Fetzer reduce bureaucracy and cut taxes.

Mr. Luddy is successful and a believer in free enterprise and the conservative cause. He contributed a lot to Keep Conservatives United and Walker's people want to use Obama style smears against him to whip up enthusiasm .

Facts don't matter to them

Mr. Walker's people ask if Luddy is out to soak taxpayers with charter schools. No.

Luddy founded Franklin Academy in 1998. It's a charter school, an option for parents seeking values, discipline and high standards. Mr. Luddy guaranteed the loan for Buildings but they are owned by the school. His company provides management services at no charge and no Director is compensated, not even expenses.

Robert Luddy isn't in charter schools to make money. He just thinks competition among schools is good for parents and children.

He supports Judeo-Christian values. That's why he started a Catholic school. He started Thales Academy, a respected chain of classically oriented schools. It is a private school, not a charter school. But that didn't stop Mr. Walker's people from claiming it's a charter and questioning why he loaned money to it.

I am actually surprised that Mark Walker would lend his name to a campaign to trash Mr. Luddy. It's true that Luddy supports Phil Berger Jr. But I would have thought Mark Walker would have supported school choice, too. And Bob Luddy has been the leading proponent of it in North Carolina for years.

Democrats bash the Koch Brothers. Republicans trash Soros. Team Walker picked Luddy

The News and Observer is not a fan of school choice. But here's what they wrote about Mr. Luddy. Readers can make up their own minds.

Businessman and education entrepreneur Bob Luddy in mid-July will open another private school, which he’s calling a useful addition to the K-12 education marketplace in Wake County.

Located on Fox Road in North Raleigh, the $5 million Thales Academy Raleigh will make a temporary school permanent and bring to more than 850 the number of students being educated in the three Thales private nonprofits Luddy has started. Having made his fortune in heating and air-conditioning, Luddy has spent years founding alternatives to what he calls an excessively centralized public school system.

In addition to the Thales (pronounced THAY-lees) academies, he has started three Franklin Academy charter schools and the St.Thomas More Catholic high school. Luddy is expanding education options in Wake County when the public schools system has struggled with political turbulence, sweeping changes in student assignment and concerns that some parents are ready to look outside the system.

Kevin Hill, the Wake school board chairman and a Democrat, said, “I have heard parents saying, ‘We are going to leave the public schools,’ because they are not happy either with the plan or with how it’s played out in their family,” Hill said. “I am disappointed in that. I have a strong belief in the public school system.”

Luddy says that more private school competition will make all schools healthier, just as businesses grow stronger when they vie for customers.

“One observation that anybody could make is that the public schools are under more pressure to perform,” Luddy said.

The $5,000 annual fee for the Thales schools is much less than rates at tradition-rich Raleigh private schools such as Ravenscroft, where it costs families $13,450 to send a child to kindergarten and $17,450 for grades 1-5, according to posted rates.

Threat to public schools?

School board member Chris Malone, who received a $2,000 campaign contribution from Luddy during his successful 2009 race, is an enthusiastic backer of the new private school and of competition among schools in general.

“This is the land of opportunity, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” Malone said during a mobile phone interview as he campaigned door-to-door for the Republican nomination for a state House seat. “If it works, God bless them and good luck to them.

“It’s no threat to the public schools; the parents are still paying taxes to the public school system.”

However, that point of view is being picked apart by some public school supporters. Schools aren’t businesses, said Democratic school board member Jim Martin; the system doesn’t get to pick and choose among students, as businesses get to select raw materials and make other decisions based on access to necessary products.

“I hate to refer to children as raw materials, but in public education in particular, you don’t get to choose your raw materials,” Martin said. “We take all the children and try to maximize learning for all children. That doesn’t fit the market model.”

Martin said that many private schools have the option of being selective in the students they choose. Luddy responded to the “cream of the crop” argument: “It could not be entirely true, because we do provide scholarships; we have taken care of a lot of needy students.”

How to measure success

Luddy said Thales’ students outperform national peers on standardized tests. But there’s a catch to the comparison, said Tim Simmons, of the nonprofit Wake Education Partnership, which backs the new student assignment plan. The question, Simmons said, is how Thales students from specific backgrounds would fare against students from the same backgrounds attending other systems. There’s not enough data separated out in that fashion to make the comparison, he said.

“In general if you look at SAT scores and that kind of thing, income matters more than whether the student attends public or private schools,” he said

Atmosphere of tradition

The North Raleigh school, named for an early Greek philosopher, remains under construction. But Luddy says the atmosphere and intent is designed to mirror the other Thales schools in Wake Forest and Apex. In a Thales school, he said, classical music plays, students are attired according to a dress code, no police oversee the hallways, and the decor reinforces tenets such as the wisdom of the country’s founding fathers.

“What we want to do at Thales is character development that’s equal to academic development,” Luddy said. “Things that we learn when we are young have a huge impact on the way we live our lives.”

In addition to traditional educational techniques, Thales offers high-tech features such as an iPad computer lab, interactive electronic whiteboards in every classroom and Apple TVs. The subject matter can vary from public-school teachings based on Luddy’s beliefs on matters including evolution.

“I would say I certainly believe in intelligent design,” he said. “At Thales, we are not teaching religion, but we try to teach reasonable history.”

According to the school, Thales schools help parents cultivate “virtuous, critical-thinking, compassionate student citizens.”

Read more here:

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Where is the press? They let Mark Walker say anything.

Last night, without any proof, he said I "created" a website and put his amnesty quote on it. Today, I read in one of the News and Record publications that a Super PAC is slandering him by saying he favors late term abortion. Who is he talking about? Keep Conservatives United has not said anything about late term abortion.
Where does Mark Walker get his facts? And why isn't the press asking him?
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Fox's Charles Krauthammer is a psychiatrist. Dr. Krauthammer, Mark Walker may need you.

Tonight on Facebook, Mark Walker said I fabricated a website and placed his statement proposing legalization of twelve million illegal immigrants on that website.

He posted ''Those comments are a couple of years old from an old site when I was still pastoring. Bob Harris has created another website and placed those comments on there.''

Mark Walker did not offer any proof for his accusation. He has none. Mark Walker is either delusional or a liar .

On June 5 in the Rhino Times, Mr. Walker himself said he was for legalization of illegal immigrants and said the website was his.

“Walker said that what he was in favor of was a “pathway to legalization.”  He said, “To start talking about deportation is ludicrous.”  He said his plan was to offer people who are in this country illegally a pathway to legal status but not to citizenship.

However, on one of Walker’s websites, under the heading “immigration,” he states, “I propose ‘Pathway to Security’ legislation that would provide an incremental pathway to citizenship for 12 million illegal immigrants.”

Walker said that this particular website was more of a blog than an actual campaign website, but it is a “walker4nc” website and Walker said it was his.''(6/5)

Now, Mark Walker is cracking under pressure and claiming I fabricated something.

He is either losing touch with reality or the dirtiest of political liars. One would wish the media would call on Mr. Walker to prove his charge against me. I am not holding my breath because most probably want Republicans to nominate a reckless candidate who comes unglued like Mark Walker is.

I can't judge Mark Walker's sanity. Calling Dr. Krauthammer. You're needed in Greensboro. Republicans need to know if Mark Walker is stable enough to be our standard bearer for Congress.

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Who helped start the first charter high school in Rockingham County? Phil Berger Jr.

Was that outsider or insider? I don't know. But I know school choice is the kind of change we conservatives say we support. Phil Berger Jr. helped get it done.

Who organized District Attorneys to make a legal defense of the marriage amendment when the media was tearing it down? Phil Berger Jr.

Was that outsider or insider? Sounds like both to me. And defending traditional marriage is what we conservatives are supposed to favor. Because it's common sense that one man and one woman in a loving relationship is the best way to raise children.

Who helped organize the campaign to strengthen the concealed carry law? Phil Berger Jr.

Was that outsider or insider? Who cares. It was the right thing to do.

Who says he's "evolved" on amnesty? Mr. Walker.

Is that outsider or insider? Sounds to me that it is the same thing President Obama did on gay marriage when the polls changed. Insiders flip flop like that all the time. But so do outsiders who put their ambition ahead of conviction.

Who slathered praise on Howard Coble at the same time he was running a political campaign to defeat the Republican stalwart? Mr. Walker. Was that outsider or insider? I don't know. But it sure sounds insincere to praise a guy while you are out for his job.

Who dropped the flat tax and the fair tax when the Realtors didn't like it? Mr. Walker. And don't they do that kind of thing in Washington all the time?

All too often, Republicans like to blame an out of touch Republican leadership for all the problems. Maybe they are out of touch sometimes. But I know a lot of positive conservative change has passed out of the House of Representatives. And Harry Reid and his followers like Kay Hagan have buried it in the Senate. And I know President Obama now rules by executive decree because Republicans in the House have blocked his legislation.

Phil Berger Jr. isn't a smiley face. He's more like a bull dog than a cute, fluffy poodle. But he is the candidate for Congress who has actually accomplished something for conservatives. He's the steak and Mark Walker is the sizzle. And when I'm hungry, I don't want sizzle. 
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Mark Walker is fond of saying deportation isn't an option for the illegal immigration mess. That's why he proposed "legalization for 12 million illegal immigrants"-amnesty.

But as we watch 50,000 children pouring across the border from Central America, what exactly does it mean to say deportation isn't an option? The logical conclusion is the United States must be prepared to take every child from Central America who wants to come here, take care of them and support them for years and years.

If deportation isn't an option, then the United States had better be prepared to import poverty from the Third World from now on. And how are we going to pay for that when we are 17 trillion dollars in debt?

Mark Walker is certainly a big hearted person. But his plan for legalization of illegal immigrants is going to put millions more people on the welfare rolls. Can we really afford that when our economy is already in trouble?

Can we support everyone who shows up on the American side of the border? That is a big issue in the runoff on July 15. A vote for Walker is a vote for amnesty because that is exactly what he proposed no matter how hard he denies it now. 
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Mark Walker is demanding another debate with Phil Berger Jr. The debate I am waiting for is the debate between Mark Walker and Mark Walker.

As election day approaches, Mark Walker is saying he's against amnesty for illegal aliens.

But here is what his website says
''I would propose legislation that would provide an incremental pathway to legalization for 12 million illegal immigrants.'.'

How can you claim you're against amnesty while you're proposing legalization for 12 million illegal immigrants? Mr. Walker?

With legalization, illegal immigrants can become eligible for welfare, Social Security and the rest of our entitlement programs. Why does Mark Walker want to make millions of illegal aliens eligible for welfare?

When Mark Walker met Berger in a debate in front of the Greensboro Realtors, Walker flip flopped on the flat tax and the fair tax. And don't forget Mr. Walker is the candidate who was claiming he was on a commission that oversees the Greensboro Coliseum until we pointed out the Coliseum was racking up millions in deficits on his watch.

So by all means, let's have a debate between the Mark Walker who was for amnesty and now says he wasn't. The Mark Walker who was for the flat tax before he was against it. And the Mark Walker who said he was overseeing the Greensboro Coliseum before he said he wasn't.

How about it, Mark?