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The Wall Street Journal reports cities like Jersey City and Durham are requiring gun and ammunition makers to disclose more about their business practices in order to get city contracts to supply the police department. The Journal wrote "
Gun-control advocates and firearms industry representatives said Jersey City is the first municipality in the nation to demand such information. Questions include how firms dispose of old weapons and comply with background check laws, and whether they make semiautomatic rifles—often called assault weapons—for sale to civilians, according to bid documents viewed by The Wall Street Journal."

It sounds like another sneaky attack on our right to keep and bear arms. Will gun makers be forced to stop selling semi-automatic rifles to individuals in order to keep city contracts which account for 10% of the firearms market?

Phil Berger Jr.  is the only candidate for Congress endorsed by gun rights champions. He's proven his commitment to freedom by defending concealed carry as a District Attorney. The runoff is July 15 and Berger is the Second Amendment defender.

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