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A recent poll conducted for Keep Conservatives United by Tel Opinion Research shows our effort to unite conservatives behind Phil Berger Jr. in the 6th District Congressional race are working. The poll of 400 likely Republican primary voters found District Attorney Berger leading with 29% of the vote or 63% of the decided vote.

Phil Berger Jr. 29%

Mike Causey 1%

Kenn Koph 0

Zack Matheny 2%

Jeff Phillips 4%

Charlie Sutherland 0

Bruce VonCannon 4%

Mark Walker 4%

Don Webb 2%

Undecided 54%

If District Attorney Berger can win 20% of the remaining undecided vote, he should be able to win the May 6th primary without a runoff. Berger's strong position is good news for conservative looking for a strong, effective candidate with a record of advancing conservative policy goals for the good of the state.

Let's hope Berger supporters will keep working so Republicans aren't stuck with a liberal like Zack Matheny or a Hong Kong banker like Bruce VonCannon with a record of doing more for China than North Carolina.

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