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Ministers are held in high regard. Most should be. But not the Reverend Al Sharpton. And not the Reverend Mark Walker. Not after last night's debate.

Reverend Al had the Tawana Brawley case where a black girl accused a white DA of gang raping her. Only the rape never happened. It was Reverend Al's hoax. And the racial turmoil the case spawned made Reverend Al the new Jesse Jackson.

Instead of Tawana Brawley, Reverend Mark had the case of Berger v U. S. Reverend Mark said that case showed DA Berger is guilty of ethics violations. Here's what the News and Record wrote about Reverend Mark.

“Just yesterday we were able to find out that the Chief Justice of Ethics of the North Carolina Supreme Court reprimanded him for misleading the jury not based on the facts,” Walker said in the debate. “If you want to know specific it was Berger vs. U.S., May of 2013.”

There is no chief justice of ethics at the state Supreme Court and the case Walker cited was a U.S. Supreme Court case from 1935 completely unrelated to his opponent.

Reverend Mark made up ethics violations like Reverend Al made up the rape. Reverend Mark wanted to smear DA Berger, relying on Mark Twain's dictum that a lie would go half way around the world before the truth got its boots on. Pretty cynical politics.

And we'll know Tuesday night if voters want more of that.

Reverend Mark's fans will take me to task for what I have just written. But they don't give their man enough credit. He bets more people will see the smear in the debate than will ever read the truth about it. We'll know Tuesday night

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