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If conservative voters in the 6th District are wondering who the best choice for Congress is, then note who the hard core left wing Democrats want to defeat – District Attorney Phil Berger.

In a fund raising email, the gay marriage lobby calling themselves Equality NC say “Rockingham County District Attorney and 6th District Congressional candidate Phil Berger, Jr.'s has chosen to lash out at the loving, gay and lesbian couples who married at Sunday night's Grammy Awards with a host of despicable tweets and images singing the praises of marriage inequality.”

There is no doubt that traditional values like marriage between a man and a woman are under attack in this country. During the 2012 campaign for the marriage amendment, DA Berger took a strong stand on behalf of traditional marriage. He made a difference and the well funded gay lobby is out to defeat him now.

The civil rights of gays have never been an issue. Gay marriage is about another assault on Americans who believe thousands of years of civilization shouldn't be erased by unelected judges accountable to no one.

In the 6th District, the left wing Democrats think Phil Berger Jr. is the man to beat. If you think it's time to stand up to their bullying tactics, then help Keep Conservatives United with our independent campaign for DA Berger.

United, conservatives can win.

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