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As President Obama steadily expands the welfare state, more people decide to drop out of the work force and live off government.

The data behind workforce dropout has been documented by University of Chicago economist Dr. Casey Mulligan. The Congressional Budget Office recently made it newsworthy with their report that 2 million Americans would quit working to get ObamaCare.

As more people quit working to get government benefits, those of us still working and still paying taxes are left to shoulder a bigger burden. We are the shrinking taxpayer class.

The fact the taxpayer class is working harder and paying more to support more people in the live off the rest of us class brings me back to Bruce VonCannon and his Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild.

As we have noted before, Bruce VonCannon's superiors at Banque Privee have already admitted to federal prosecutors that the bank may have been involved in tax evasion schemes. Banque Privee is in the process of ratting out their clients who might have used the secretive Swiss bank to illegally evade taxes.

How such a scheme may have worked can be identified from a previous Rothschild banking scandal back in the 1990's at Rothschild Bank AG in Zurich which is partially owned by Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild, Bruce VonCannon's old bank.

As described at the time, “: a client signed over his assets to a trustee–sometimes
someone at the bank such as Baron Elie, Hartmann or himself, sometimes a dependable
outside associate–with the proviso that they could be bought back in the
future at an agreed-upon price. Then the assets were transferred to a holding
company established by the bank. One such phony firm, the Panama-based Orion,
was a popular destination; Orion, in turn, begot offshore subsidiaries for similar
purposes. In this way clients avoided taxes and other monetary controls back
home, while bank officers, Heer included, netted millions in handsome commissions
for services rendered. This, Heer (a bank official) asserted, was standard operating procedure “.

If Rothschild Bank AG was employing such a scheme decades ago for tax evasion, is this what Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild has just admitted may have been going on now?

The vast, vast majority of us in the taxpaying class already pay too much. We don't have secret Swiss banks to help us evade what we legally owe. We're left holding the bag for a few super wealthy tax evaders, who probably think we're chumps, and the growing class of tax money consumers who find it more profitable to stop working and collect benefits instead.

Which brings us back to Bruce VonCannon. What did he know about any illegal tax evasion schemes at Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild? After all, he was the CEO of the important Hong Kong bank.

Is Banque Privee admitting their possible involvement in tax evasion because they really did it or just to get Washington off their back? The press should ask Bruce VonCannon. Who were his clients in Hong Kong? Were they America's economic competitors taking our jobs?

One person licking her chops is Nancy Pelosi. Just like she wanted to pass ObamaCare before we found out what was in it, Nancy Pelosi wants Republicans to nominate Bruce VonCannon for Congress before we find out the facts so Democrats can knock him off in November.

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