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While Bruce VonCannon worked in Singapore and Hong Kong as a private banker for wealthy Chinese, Washoe County Nevada tax records show his American house was in Nevada – not North Carolina

According to the News and Record, he bought a home in Guilford County on December 2,2013 establishing residency in the 6th District to run for Congress.

His Nevada home, located in Incline Village near Lake Tahoe , is valued on real estate search website at $997,000.

Business records show VonCannon's mother appears to have established a company as registered agent in May 2013 that Bruce VonCannon claims on his Linkedin site that he began working for in September after he left as CEO of Banque Privee Edmond de Rothschild Hong Kong in August.

Mr. VonCannon's name is spelled Voncannon in the documents.

In his interview with the News and Record, Mr. VonCannon said he lived at his mother's house upon his return from Hong Kong. That address also was the address his mother apparently used to establish his new business.

The bottom line is simple. Bruce VonCannon spent a quarter century in Asia working for Asian clients. His American house was in Nevada. Not North Carolina. Did Bruce VonCannon ever pay North Carolina property tax?

Do voters really want a Congressman who didn't pay local property taxes to support the schools and the police?

You can bet Democrats will hammer the question if Republicans give Bruce VonCannon the nomination.

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