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We showed how Kay Hagan and Zack Matheney backed taxpayers money for their subsidized housing campaign donors.

Now Blogger George Hartzman shows more Matheney pay to play. "The Greensboro City Council has unanimously approved a $200,000 [forgivable] loan and grant package to Oakley Capital LLC, an entity managed by growing executive recruiting firm Charles Aris Inc. for development of the firm's new headquarters at 301 Battleground Ave.

...Oakley Capital purchased the vacant one-story building on April 30 for $547,500, according to public records.

...Allen Oakley, vice president of operational effectiveness and practice leader at Charles Aris, said the firm's senior management team considered a number of different options and locations but eventually decided on being part of downtown’s growth initiative.

The City Council-approved funds include a $100,000 incentive grant, which will be provided over an eight-year period and be paid back by incremental taxes and is contingent upon a $3.9 million capital investment by Charles Aris and the addition of four positions by 2016.

The council also approved a $100,000 forgivable loan that will be made immediately available for on-site asbestos removal..." [forgivable loan means free money] ''

Oakley gave $500 to Matheney for Congress

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