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Someone calling himself John Blust comments ''Who are you? " I hope this isn't Representative John Blust, who I have always believed was a good legislator. Because he should know. I am an American. And a North Carolina taxpayer who pays his salary.

We can disagree about Mr. Walker and Mr. Berger. But let's agree both would be better than Pelosi's candidate
7/12/2014 10:44:37 pm

Yes Bob it is Representative John Blust... Don't worry no love lost, he barely remembered you existed. Imagine that, a Republican who stands up for what's right, both morally and ETHICALLY, regardless of party affiliation. We need more Republicans in office who do not shy from calling their own party members out for not holding themselves to the highest of standards... Remember, ALWAYS FOLLOW THE MONEY, THE MONEY TRAIL NEVER LIES...


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