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Mr. Walker's campaigners say I am in the establishment. They even say I'm like Karl Rove. Me. A guy who spent his own money for Bachmann and Santorum trying to head off the Romney defeat.

I'm not insider or outsider, establishment or Tea Party. Just a conservative who cut his teeth on Goldwater books, Jesse Helms TV editorials and Reagan's Shinning City on a Hill speech.

And to show how dumb all the insider /outsider stuff is, consider this. Mark Walker has paid $11,000 to Dyce Communications which is run by Alfredo Rodriguez who has his work for Karl Rove's American Crossroads posted here

Imagine. Mark Walker in league with Rove's guy. Ironic.

But this Rove connection with Mr. Walker doesn't mean he's in the establishment's pocket. It just illustrates how silly the insider /outsider argument about choosing between Mark Walker and Phil Berger Jr. Neither is in anyone's pocket.

There are two differences between Berger and Walker. Berger is effective getting something done. School choice and the toughest jail time for criminals by any DA in the state as the Sentencing Commission showed.

Berger is conservative and straightforward. Walker flip flops. Amnesty. Fair Tax. Flat Tax.

And Mr. Walker accuses people of illegal conduct without any proof. He said I fabricated his amnesty website when he had admitted to the Rhino Times a few weeks earlier that it was his. Honesty ought to matter . Under pressure, despite his good points, Mr. Walker cracked and didn't tell the truth

Phil Berger Jr. is the conservative who can get something done for America

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