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The Charlotte Observer recently ran an editorial taking Senator Hagan to task for supporting proposed regulations that will take federal food safety inspectors off the line in poultry processing plants and replace them with company employee personnel.

The Charlotte Observer said “The change would enable poultry companies to speed up their processing lines, and thus increase the likelihood of more – and more serious – injuries to workers caused by repetitive hand motions”. The speed up of the line is supposed to save poultry companies 3 cents a bird which adds up to a lot when you are processing millions of chickens a year.

Kay Hagan insists the proposed rule will have no negative impact on worker safety or food sanitation. It makes you wonder what those federal inspectors have been doing all these years if getting them off the job won't have an impact.

It also occurred to me that Democrat Kay Hagan claims to be a champion of minorities, women and the poor. Most of the people working in poultry plants are often poor minorities. Surely, Senator Hagan wouldn't be risking their health and safety over 3 cents a bird? Or would she?

Last year, Federal Election Commission records show Kay Hagan received at least $11,000 from poultry industry PACS – Tyson Foods and the National Turkey Federation.

Senator Hagan may be exactly right that replacing federal bureaucrat inspectors with company employees won't make any difference. It probably won't given the propensity of a federal bureaucrat to take a long coffee break. But I know for sure those mostly black and Hispanic women and men working on a processing line didn't have $11,000 to send Kay Hagan's campaign.

And the Charlotte Observer should have pointed that out.

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