Contact: Bob Harris

The News and Observer reports a secretive group called Patriot Majority has launched TV ads for Kay Hagan accusing Thom Tillis of supporting health insurance companies.

Talk about hypocrisy on parade. Senator Hagan is holding stock in the biggest health insurance company of all – United Health Group -in her $30 million family investment portfolio.

And according to Barons Magazine, United Health Group stock is expected to rise 40% in value because of all the new taxpayer subsidized business and bailouts from ObamaCare.

In fact, United Health Group was a contractor building the ObamaCare website that didn't work.

So here is Kay Hagan attacking her opponent for being in favor of big insurance companies when she owns stock in a big insurance company that is making money off her vote for ObamaCare.

Hypocrisy. That's Washington. And that's Kay Hagan.

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