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President Obama and Senator Hagan have taken the art of the welfare giveaway to a whole new level. Each year, we pay $1.6 billion to give away free phones, mostly cell phones, to welfare, food stamp and other public assistance beneficiaries. On the street, it's the ObamaPhone and the money to pay for the phones comes from a tax on our phone bills.

The largest ObamaPhone provider is TracFone which charges $10 a month on 3 million phones.TracFone gets paid from an FCC supervised fund with money collected from a charge

on our phone bill.

TracFone is owned by American Movil, a Mexican company controlled by the world's richest man, Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim.

Senator Hagan voted to give ObamaPhones and just happens to own American Movil shares in her $30 million investment portfolio ( Roll Call 84,2013). It's another example how big government is protecting people at the bottom and the top while the middle gets squeezed.

Washington always works for Washington and Kay Hagan is definitely Washington.

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