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Last year, Barack Obama and New York Senator Charles Schumer came up with a bill to criminalize gun sales and transfers among friends and family members who didn't go through the government's background check (gun sales by firearm dealers already have a background check).

Here's what Mark Walker said about requiring background checks for getting a gun "
A law-abiding citizen should have little problem with a background check".

Doesn't that sound exactly like what Obama and Schumer say?

It's curious that Mark Walker has now expunged that statement supporting more background checks from his main campaign website. But the statement is still out there on the internet for anyone who wants to read it.

Phil Berger Jr. was endorsed by Grassroots NC for his leadership defending the Second Amendment. Between Berger and Walker, they know who is willing to stand strong to keep President Obama and Senator Schumer from stripping away our Constitutional freedom. 
nancy bishop
5/28/2014 11:06:04 am

thank you for this information


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