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His fans think Mark Walker is purer than Ivory Soap. Purer than new driven snow.

But the Rhino Times reported Mark Walker ran robo calls right before the primary in an obvious attempt to mislead voters that Howard Coble was in his corner.

Let's just quote the newspaper. “  Before the May 6 primary the Walker campaign was making robo-calls to voters saying that Ray Coble and the Coble family supported Walker.  Most people don’t know who Howard’s brother Ray Coble is, but they know Howard Coble, and “the Coble family” was a pretty blatant attempt to imply that Howard Coble agreed with the endorsement but for some reason was letting his brother speak for him.

 It was an obvious attempt to mislead the voters.  Ray Coble and the Coble family want you to vote for Mark Walker.  Ray Coble is a nice man, but his endorsement in the 6th District race doesn’t mean much.  The endorsement of his brother Howard Coble is the gold standard of Republican endorsements in Guilford County.”

Mr. Walker's robo call might be technically true. But was it really just a ploy to fool voters into thinking Howard Coble was behind him and just didn't want to say? You bet. And Mark Walker is supposed to be purer than Ivory Soap?

Then there is amnesty for illegal aliens. On WXI TV News, Mark Walker said he is against amnesty. But here is what it says on his website “After border security and working with those who’ve legally applied, I would propose legislation that would provide an incremental pathway to legalization for 12 million illegal immigrants. .. If these registered immigrants adhere to the required guidelines, and have partaken in no significant criminal activity, we should allow the legalization process and move forward as one country. ''”.

What does it mean to support legalization for 12 million illegal immigrants? It means amnesty.

A Facebook friend who supports Mr. Walker called me a liar for reporting Mark Walker's latest position on ObamaCare. Here's what he said in Triad City Beat Newspaper “Walker emphasized a soft approach in remarks that seemed geared towards converting skeptical Democrats … “We’re not going to talk about repealing this or that. '( 5/7/14).

When I asked my Facebook friend what else Mr. Walker might have been talking about besides ObamaCare, my friend didn't respond.

And then there is the Greensboro Coliseum. Remember Mark Walker claimed he was on the commission overseeing it. And he further claimed "I was actually asked to serve on the budget and finance team partially because not just our finance and management experience but also the integrity of handling millions of dollars of budgets"

Only after we pointed out the Coliseum was running millions in deficits, Mr. Walker denied the commission he had been bragging about had any power at all.

If you bring up facts about Mark Walker, his people get their back up like a nasty old cat defending his Purina bowl. But I don't think the fact Mr. Walker is minister makes him immune from scrutiny when he wants to be a Congressman. He is no better Christian than Phil Berger Jr. and vice versa.

But when it comes to moving positive solutions in government, Berger has it hands down. Berger successfully fought to open the first Charter High School in his county. Berger helped fight the successful effort to expand concealed carry. Berger made a TV ad defending the traditional definition of marriage when other public officials were running away.

And Phil Berger Jr. worked with other District Attorneys to preserve capital punishment with a campaign to repeal the horribly named Racial Justice Act.

Mr. Berger isn't slick. What you see is what you get. Mark Walker has shown a slick, slippery side that will fit right in with the way politics is done in Washington right now.

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