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With Congressman Coble making the case for Phil Berger Jr. as the the "right conservative for the job" who has "the experience, knowledge and determination" to quickly be effective in Washington, Mark Walker didn't react well.

Instead of getting up off the floor and dusting himself off , Mark Walker began hurling wild accusations. Sounding like a man seeing ghosts in the closet, Mr. Walker declared ''Private investigators continue to call people and places we’ve served in looking through every aspect of our lives.”

Gumshoes ? PIs? Who? When? Where? Mark Walker didn't say. It was the old they're out to get me defense, ripped from the pages of Hillary's playbook on the vast right wing conspiracy.

All the problems for Mr. Walker started when we blew the whistle on his Greensboro Coliseum scam. For months, Mark Walker told people he was on the commission that oversees the Greensboro Coliseum, even bragging he was chosen for the budget and finance team because of his management experience and integrity handling millions of dollars of budgets.

But when we pointed out the millions in deficits run up while he was overseeing the Coliseum, Mark Walker posted a tweet claiming our report was a ”complet. Unfortunately for Mark Walker, John Hammer of the Rhino Times agreed with us.

Then, we reported the existence of a second Mark Walker issues website where he came out for the legalization of 12 million illegal aliens-amnesty.

So when Congressman Coble endorsed Berger, Mr. Walker went off the deep end. He started imagining Jim Rockford or Sam Spade or somebody was after him.

If Mark Walker knows private detectives are really calling people and going places to dig up dirt on him, he should present some evidence. If Mark Walker doesn't have the evidence, then something really wrong is going on.

Either Mr. Walker is cynically trying to mislead everyone into thinking he's a victim of something or else Charles Krauthammer needs to take a break from Fox News, put his white coat back on and come down to Greensboro for an urgent diagnosis and treatment plan for Mark Walker.

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