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By proposing legalization for 12 million illegal immigrants, Mark Walker is lighting the fuse on a welfare time bomb that will blow up the federal budget. Here's why.

The nonpartisan Heritage Foundation crunched census numbers on illegal and legal immigrants and their use of the welfare system. Illegal immigrants are not eligible for most welfare programs also called means tested entitlements (welfare, food stamps, Medicaid etc.). However, a household headed by an illegal immigrant can draw welfare on behalf of their American born children.

Right now, with no amnesty, illegal immigrants are collecting 15.5 billion dollars in welfare.

But under all amnesty proposals-including Mark Walker's idea-illegal immigrants eventually become full-fledged legal residents the same as any other legal immigrant. And after 5 years in the country, any legal immigrant with the appropriate income is eligible for welfare.

Today, legal immigrants collect welfare at a much higher rate than illegals -$115 billion a year.

Under amnesty, today's illegal immigrants will become tomorrow's legal immigrants and gain full welfare eligibility. Heritage shows welfare costs for these amnesty beneficiaries reaching $51 billion just for welfare. That's triple what we are spending now on welfare for the same group.

Once they get citizenship, ObamaCare for amnestied illegal immigrants will cost $24 billion a year.

Amnesty backers like Mark Walker say illegal aliens will pay more taxes when they are legalized. But 71% of them still won't have more than a high school education and 51% won't even have that. Welfare takers will get more than taxes paid.

Look at Heritage numbers comparing welfare use and federal tax payments by legal and illegal immigrants.

Legal and Illegal Immigrant Households

Illegal/no HS Legal/no HS Illegal/HS Legal/HS

Total 1,746,857 2,558,106 916,231 3,015,088

Percent 51 20 27 24.6

Welfare $6,235 $19,762 $3,755 $10,093

Taxes $4,284 $7,207 $4, 694 $10,897

The difference between households receiving welfare who are headed by a legal immigrant without a high school education compared to illegal immigrants without a high school education is $13,527. Once the illegal immigrants receive legal status with amnesty, they will become eligible for full welfare benefits and collect $23,629,734,639.

The difference between households receiving welfare who are headed by a legal immigrant with a high school education compared to illegal immigrants with a high school education is $6,338. Multiplied by the number of illegal immigrants receiving amnesty in this category produces additional welfare benefits of $5,807,072,078.

The additional taxes paid by illegal aliens without a high school education who get amnesty amounts to $5,106,063,011-a tiny fraction of what they will get in welfare. The additional taxes illegals with a high school education will pay still does not equal the amount of welfare they will get under amnesty

Mark Walker's amnesty for illegal aliens is a fiscal time bomb. Could President Obama pick a better Republican? Read about the full cost of amnesty here

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