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In a nine candidate primary for Congress, Phil Berger Jr. stands out as the clear choice for conservatives.

Phil Berger doesn't just stand for the right things. He is also effective moving the ball down the field to accomplish the right things.

Here are 4 critical issues where Phil Berger makes a difference.

For parents who want more and better educational opportunities for their children, Phil Berger Jr. took on the bureaucracy to open the first charter high school in Rockingham County. He's a leader promoting choice for parents through charter schools, private schools or home schools. He doesn't measure education attainment by how many dollars are thrown at the problem. Instead, Phil Berger is about increasing educational attainment by reforming schools with merit pay and competition.

Today, the Obama style liberals are about controlling speech and crushing the diversity of thought. How else do you explain the Obama Administration's use of the IRS to suppress the TEA Party?

Phil Berger Jr. is effective defending our Constitutional freedoms like the Second Amendment. As a leader in the state's association of District Attorney's, where his leadership is recognized by colleagues in both political parties, Phil Berger supported the successful effort to protect concealed carry for self defense.

While the left claims to be tolerant, they are in reality all about using the power of government to ram their social ideology down people's throats. Whether it's forcing a photographer to take pictures at a gay wedding or forcing the Little Sisters of the Poor to pay for someone's abortion pills, the left is about social control and big brother government.

Phil Berger Jr. stands against them effectively. When the North Carolina marriage amendment was under assault by a media propaganda campaign that said it would nullify domestic violence laws, DA Berger made a TV ad demolishing their legal sham arguments. Before that ad, WRAL said the marriage campaign was running on fumes. After that ad, they won.

Phil Berger Jr.'s stand for traditional marriage earned him plenty of enemies on the left. The Democratic Party's gay marriage lobby is attacking him now in this campaign for Congress. That ought to tell you who they are afraid of.

Under Governor Perdue, the race hustlers at the NAACP and the ACLU got the Democrats to pass the Racial Justice Act that said a murderer's death sentence could be overturned – not based on actual discrimination in his or her actual trial – but based merely on statically claimed discrimination in other cases.

Take the example of Kennith Neal who was found guilty of murder in Rockingham County before Phil Berger was even elected DA. He confessed to pounding the wife of his child with a hammer, then stuffing the handle down her throat to kill her. The District Attorney at the time was black and there was a black person on the jury. But Neal still used the Racial Justice Act to try and overturn his lawful sentence.

Phil Berger helped make the case against the Racial Justice Act that had effectively outlawed the death penalty for Kennith Neal and more monsters like him. The Legislature repealed it.

Today's liberals in this Age of Obama put tougher sanctions on a kindergartener who chews a pop tart into the shape of a gun than they put on Vladimir Putin. They seems to care more about Kennith Neal than they do about the victims of crime.

Phil Berger Jr. has the experience, knowledge and courage to stand for sanity effectively in this crazy world. He's proven it.

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