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In the 6th District Republican runoff for Congress, Phil Berger Jr. merits the votes of conservatives.

Here's why. First, Berger has a record of getting something done and the job of Congressman is about solving problems and advancing the change we need in government. He took the lead on charter schools, expanding concealed carry rights and preserving the death penalty. Mr. Berger was successful on all three issues.

And don't forget , it was District Attorney Berger who defended the Marriage Amendment when the all out attack had that campaign on the ropes.

In the last few days of the first primary, $40,000 was spent on ads slamming District Attorney Berger's record in one case. The issue had to have an impact.

However, not one of us knows all the facts in the case or the legal situation in the courtroom. We're in the peanut gallery, not the arena.

I agree with Mr. Hammer who wrote in the Rhino Times ''His opponents have criticized some of the decisions he has made as a district attorney, but Berger seems content to run on his record and says that his record as a district attorney is being mischaracterized by his opponents.  If the voters of Rockingham County agreed with his opponents about the job he is doing, they wouldn’t have reelected him ''.

The Rhino Times was right when they said ''Berger Jr. is a conservative who espouses all the views of a conservative candidate. ''

He's not running to please the press. He's running to stop Obama.

What's the difference with Mark Walker? If you want a glib talker, Mr. Walker is your guy. If you want a conservative with a record of getting something done, Phil Berger is your guy.

Phil Berger is against amnesty for illegal aliens. Mark Walker is for for legalization of illegal aliens. Amnesty. Read Walker's own words. “''I would propose legislation that would provide an incremental pathway to legalization for 12 million illegal immigrants. . we should allow the legalization process and move forward as one country. ''

That sounds like amnesty. Pure and simple amnesty. Sure, Mark Walker can talk about border security, paying back taxes and any other bell and whistle. But legalization is amnesty. Check out Rush Limbaugh's take.

So Mark Walker will give Obama what he wants on amnesty. Strike one.

Taxes are strike two. Phil Berger has signed the pledge to fight Obama's tax increases.

Mark Walker won't pledge to oppose tax increases. Mark Walker says Republican refusal to raise taxes is responsible for Washington gridlock.

Read Mark Walker's own words. “''In a not-so-subtle dig at Berger, who signed a pledge not to raise taxes in Washington, Walker said at a February candidates forum in Greensboro: “Be wary of those who continue to sign pieces and deals from those who are special interest groups in Washington DC and Raleigh. One example that’s floating around is Grover Norquist’s tax pledge. That is part of the Washington gridlock. ''

Mr. Walker is agreeing with Harry Reid who complains ''Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has been attacking Republicans as being "terrified" of violating Norquist's pledge, which has been signed by 275 of 288 Republicans in Congress. "They're in a thrall, my Republican colleagues, they’re in submission to a man whose singular focus is keeping taxes low '

The late columnist Robert Novak used to say Republicans were put on this earth to cut taxes, not raise taxes. When Barack Obama is President, Washington gridlock is the only thing blocking his radical transformation of America. Mark Walker's attack on Berger for not caving to Obama and Reid's illusion of a grand bargain shows he's already hungering after media adulation. That's not good.

Berger is the choice on taxes.

And then there's slipperiness. Mr. Walker has a hard time taking responsibility. Discussing his role on the Greensboro Coliseum Commission, Walker said "I was actually asked to serve on the budget and finance team partially because not just our finance and management experience but also the integrity of handling millions of dollars of budgets"

But after we pointed out the Greensboro Coliseum ran millions in deficits while he was handling the budget, Walker switched stories and said he didn't have any power over the budget .

The Rhino Times said ''Walker, for months, talked about how he did have some experience in municipal government because he was on the Greensboro War Memorial Commission, which is better known as the Coliseum Commission.  And not just that, but that he was on the budget and finance committee.  When the $2 million or so deficit that the Coliseum runs every year was brought up in a negative ad, Walker said it was unfair because the commission was just advisory and had no control over the budget.  .. But that was not the impression he gave when he said he was on the commission that “oversees” the Coliseum. ''

The newspaper called it resume padding and also took Walker to task for playing fast and loose with his endorsements, even claiming an endorsement from the newspaper's co-founder, a falsehood

We already have too many slippery politicians.

I haven't pulled any punches on Mr. Walker. In the runoff, Keep Conservatives United will be tough but fair , attempting to live up to John Hammer's observation that our pieces ''are nothing if not well researched, ''

I've found many Walker supporters to be genuinely funny, engaged, concerned people, especially one lady I follow on Facebook. Others ridiculously say I don't want Christians in politics because I brought up the Greensboro Coliseum deficits. I certainly don't believe Mr. Walker is a better Christian than Mr. Berger or vice versa.

But based on experience and straight talking, conservative policy achievement and commitments, Phil Berger Jr. has earned conservative support.

Let's get to work. July 15 is election day.

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