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Greensboro's conservative newspaper the Rhino Times has endorsed District Attorney Phil Berger Jr. for Congress.

In his lengthy analysis of the race, John Hammer wrote “Berger Jr. is a conservative who espouses all the views of a conservative candidate.  He also has experience running for office and touts his record as the Rockingham County district attorney.  It’s not a legislative position, but it is an elected office, with all of the good and bad that comes from working for the people”.

He added “His opponents have criticized some of the decisions he has made as a district attorney, but Berger seems content to run on his record and says that his record as a district attorney is being mischaracterized by his opponents.  If the voters of Rockingham County agreed with his opponents about the job he is doing, they wouldn’t have reelected him.  Berger also served as president of the North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys, which indicates he has the respect of his peers, who may be the best judges of the job a fellow district attorney is doing “.

After reviewing Berger's issue advantages and experience compared to the rest, Hammer declares “Berger is running to win”.

Here's what Mr. Hammer said about Bruce VonCannon, the Hong Kong banker who cashed in working for wealthy Chinese, “If voters want to elect someone who is an expert on international finance, VonCannon is the man.  But if voters want someone who knows the district as it is today, and not as it was in the 1960s and early 1970s, then VonCannon falls short.  It seems a bit much to expect the Republicans in the district to elect a man who has been a Republican for less than a year, and lived in the district for less than six months, to represent them in Congress”.

Hammer dismisses Zack Matheny because “On the day that Matheny announced his candidacy, he took three different positions on Obamacare”.

And the conservative newspaperman, never one to pull punches, finds a number of character deficiencies in Mark Walker, ranging from claiming he had no power over the Greensboro Coliseum budget mess after saying he helped oversee the Coliseum to touting endorsements from people he's paying for support.

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