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Looks like Senator Hagan can claim a new nickname. Scooter Kay

Keep Conservatives United already told you how Senator Hagan voted for a $900 million tax loophole for solar energy equipment that benefits companies like Green State Power where her son Tilden is CEO. But the same tax bill had another goodie-a tax break on electric motorcycles.

The AP reported ''Tucked into the "fiscal cliff" tax package approved by Congress are billions of dollars in tax breaks that should make the new year a lot happier for businesses of many stripes, including film producers, race track owners and the makers of electric motorcycles.''

The AP added the electric motorcycle tax break would give a $2500 tax credit for buying one of the vehicles.

The $7 million deal helps Brammo, an Oregon corporation. A major owner of Brammo is Polaris Industries.

So dig deeper and we find Polaris Industries is in Kay Hagan's $30 million family investment portfolio.

Buy a Harley and tough luck. Buy an electric motorcycle and get cash back from Uncle Sam courtesy of Scooter Kay.

Shouldn't Washington enact a tax code that stimulates our entire economy instead of padding the pockets of a few politically connected people? Of course. But helping yourself is Washington politics. And that's Kay Hagan.

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