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On Monday March 24, Keep Conservatives United conducted a poll of Republican Primary voters in the 6th District. The poll of 400 primary voters was taken by Tel Opinion Research, a firm widely experienced in North Carolina politics.

In the US Senate race, we found the following results.
Ted Alexander 2%

Lean 1%

Greg Brannon 4%

Lean 4%

Alex Lee Bradshaw 0%

Heather Grant 2%

Lean 1%

Mark Harris 1%

Lean 1%

Edward Kryn 0%

Jim Snyder 1%

Thom Tillis 15%

Lean 10%

Undecided 57%

(adds up to 99% because Bradshaw and Kryn had less than 1% each)

Personally, I am waiting for TV debates to figure out which candidate to vote for. All I know for sure is that the losers should set ego aside and back the winner or else President Obama and Harry Reid will keep their rubber stamp Senator Kay Hagan

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