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Yesterday, the CEO of Mozilla Firefox was forced to quit because he committed the unpardonable sin of giving $1000 to support a traditional marriage ballot initiative. Fired for his beliefs.

Now the News and Record reports a Greensboro pub will be boycotted because the owner has a sign for Phil Berger Jr., a leader in North Carolina for traditional marriage.

In the 1950s, Hollywood had a blacklist excluding people from working in the movie industry because of Communist leanings both real and imagined. Most people believe that kind of McCarthyism was wrong.

But today, the left is as intolerant as a Salem Puritan judge at a witchcraft trial. Witness the firing of the Mozilla CEO and the attack on a restaurant owner with a Phil Berger sign.

On May 6th, voters can answer the hate coming from the intolerant left. They can vote for District Attorney Phil Berger for Congress and send a message to the left that McCarthyism tactics won't work.

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