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There’s a clear difference in the candidates for Congress.

Phil Berger opposes Obama's amnesty for illegal aliens. ( WXII )

But Mark Walker said – ”I would propose legislation that would provide an incremental pathway to legalization for 12 million illegal immigrants”.
That's amnesty.

On Obamacare -- Phil Berger signed the ObamaCare repeal pledge.

But Mark Walker said -- ”we're not going to talk about repealing this or that” –. ( Triad City Beat 5/7/14)

Only hasn't the VA scandal proven government run healthcare is dangerous?

On taxes -- Phil Berger signed a pledge to fight Obama's tax increases.

But Mark Walker refused to sign a no tax increase pledge. Walker said – “that is part of the Washington gridlock”.

Only don't we want Republicans to stop Obama's tax increases?

Phil Berger has the courage to stand up to Obama. Vote July 15.

nancy bishop
6/2/2014 01:23:41 pm

I am proud to support Phil Berger, Jr. Congressman Howard Coble's endorsement should make it clear who is the best candidate to follow in his foot steps.


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