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How many times have you heard Mark Walker say this? “You will never hear anything vitriolic from me,”

Well, we saw a different Mark Walker on Facebook last week after I wrote a blog about his refusal to sign a pledge to fight President Obama's tax increases. I quoted Mr. Walker's own words that he won't sign the no tax increase pledge because ''that is part of the Washington gridlock''

Mark Walker didn't dispute the facts. He didn't even argue my opinion was wrong.

Instead, Mark Walker said about me “There's no core principle of moral standard but rather a sad individual who sells his soul to the highest bidder. How miserable a life!”

No moral principles or standards? An individual who sells his soul? A miserable life? And here I thought Mark Walker said “You will never hear anything vitriolic from me”.

Mark Walker's not quite the Sir Galahad he pretends to be.

Lawyers say if you have the facts on your side, argue the facts. If you have the law on your side, argue the law. If you don't have the facts or the law on your side, just pound the table. As we shine the light of truth on Mark Walker's record, we're going to hear a lot more vitriolic table pounding from the Walker campaign.

6/4/2014 12:56:47 pm

Thank you for shedding light on another Christian pastor-turned-politician who takes the "holier than thou" position and then flip flops like a hypocrite.

Keep uniting conservatives!


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