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Bruce VonCannon campaign donor Franklin Lavin ($2600 contributor) reportedly advised an American company to manufacture in Singapore while serving as our Trade Negotiator for China in the Commerce Department .

As recounted by a Reagan Administration official and reported in New Republic, an American manufacturer , who saw his patents copied by Korea, asked Washington for help as his California plant was being undercut.

Here's the story. “In 2007, he shared the whole sad story with Bush Under Secretary of Commerce Frank Lavin, who was not unsympathetic. But, when Khandros finished, recalls Clyde Prestowitz, a former Reagan Commerce official who has advised FormFactor, Lavin politely asked if he’d thought of opening a plant in … Singapore, This, again, was the U.S. Commerce Department.”

Yep. Bruce VonCannon's campaign donor Franklin Lavin, our one time Ambassador to Singapore, suggested  an American business build a factory in Singapore.

Mr. VonCannon talks about our broken politics. Some might say Mr. Lavin embodies Washington's broken politics. For over two decades, he's spun in and out the revolving door between government, Wall Street banks, green energy and corporate PR.

In Foreign Affairs Magazine, Mr. Lavin advocates trade deals with China that focus on locating American factories in China as a negotiating carrot. ''What percentage of production could American companies locate in China? What Chinese factories could be phased out because they are located in regions with rapid economic growth and expanding labor needs? Which communities depend on the factories for their survival? Which American manufacturers would be willing to purchase and operate Chinese firms? What type of investment would make the Chinese firms operate competitively?''

That kind of globalism costs jobs.

According to the Economic Policy Institute, Washington's bad trade deals with China have cost North Carolina 110,000 jobs since 2001 when Washington gave China Permanent Most Favored Nation Trade Status -5th worst in the country

Out of 435 Congressional Districts, the 6th Congressional District is the 13th hardest hit -losing over 12,000 jobs to China.

A High Point electronics plant recently announced layoffs as production shifts to China.

Our economic wounds are self inflicted. Most can be explained in one word. Liberalism. But Washington's bad trade deals are another piece of the job loss puzzle-that giant sucking sound Ross Perot used to talk about.

Bruce VonCannon, international banker for wealthy Chinese, says he'll fix broken politics. And one of his first contributors is an architect of Washington's job ruining trade deals. Something about Bruce VonCannon just doesn't add up.

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