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Laurence Harvey and Denzel Washington played movie characters in the Manchurian Candidate. Now the Manchurian Candidate has come to life in Greensboro and his name is Bruce VonCannon.

On his new FEC report, Bruce VonCannon raised $63,000 from contributors. $32,000 came from donors in Hong Kong or donors in America with Chinese connections.

From Hong Kong, a top executive with Li Fung Sourcing, a company that ships Chinese products like textiles into America, gave $9,800. Donors in Hong Kong gave a total of $17,900. Tai-Tih Chao in Maryland gave $2,600 and donors in this country with Chinese connections gave $14,250.

Bruce VonCannon is telling voters he has a plan to bring manufacturing jobs back to America. Li Fung Sourcing would get a big laugh out of that. As a high school friend of mine would have said, anybody thinking a candidate getting his money from China is going to protect American jobs thinks a pig's fanny ain't pork.  

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