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Last December, a Washington Super PAC named the Carolina Patriot Alliance registered with the FEC.

Tea Party, right? More like fake Tea Party. Their new report shows one contributor – FEI Marketing Incorporated from Irvine, California – gave $20,000. FEI Marketing is connected to James Hsu according to his Linkedin page.

James Hsu and his wife have also given $5,200 to Bruce VonCannon's campaign committee. So what are the odds Mr. Hsu is a dyed in the wool Carolina Patriot? Not very high especially when you research what FEI Marketing does.

They are an importer of Asian furniture – the cheap imports that just killed more North Carolina furniture jobs.

In fact, multiple websites tracking furniture imports show FEI products flowing into the country from Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia.

And it's also interesting that the recent Stanley Furniture layoffs in North Carolina are connected with furniture imports from Vietnam.

So here we have a Bruce VonCannon Super PAC funded with money from a corporation that imports furniture from Asia. It just casts more doubt on the truth behind Bruce VonCannon's claim that he'll bring manufacturing jobs back to America.

In the 90s, Bill Clinton raked in illegal cash from China with help from Charlie Trie, a Little Rock Chinese restaurant owner. Charlie Trie? James Hsu? No, Bruce VonCannon wouldn't be thinking like Bill Clinton.

When you see the ads on the way from the Carolina Patriot Alliance, just remember it's from Washington, not North Carolina, and they're definitely not economic patriots protecting North Carolina jobs. What else would you expect from a Hong Kong banker?

Tim Gardner
4/17/2014 03:31:54 pm

Your recent direct mail piece attacking Mark Walker in the 6th District of NC is exactly why I will never vote based upon what SUPER PACS tout. Politics as usual is what is ruining this country.

4/18/2014 02:11:07 am

I totally agree. They did not post my first response. It is un-American to hide in the shadows and attack an opponent. Mark Walker is endorsed by the most Conservative group in NC, C4GC. I also believe it is time to send more non-Attorney candidates to Washington.


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