It's sad to say but Mark Walker won't take responsibility .

Now he says he had no power to do anything about the Greensboro Coliseum but before he said he was on the budget committee of the commission overseeing it .

According to the April 2012 minutes, before Mr. Walker joined, the budget committee was going to meet with the staff to prepare the budget for submission to the city manager. With Mr. Walker aboard, the budget committee had a two day budget meeting in April 2013. Mr. Walker has budget input.

No balanced budget has been achieved while Mr. Walker has been on the Commission overseeing the Greensboro Coliseum. Ronald Reagan never controlled the Democratic House. He used the bully pulpit to force change.

When the Greensboro Coliseum Director received his outrageous raise, Mr. Walker didn't stand up, didn't rock the boat publicly, didn't demand it be rescinded. Now he wants us to think he was powerless. Deception only makes inaction worse.

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