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Fox's Charles Krauthammer is a psychiatrist. Dr. Krauthammer, Mark Walker may need you.

Tonight on Facebook, Mark Walker said I fabricated a website and placed his statement proposing legalization of twelve million illegal immigrants on that website.

He posted ''Those comments are a couple of years old from an old site when I was still pastoring. Bob Harris has created another website and placed those comments on there.''

Mark Walker did not offer any proof for his accusation. He has none. Mark Walker is either delusional or a liar .

On June 5 in the Rhino Times, Mr. Walker himself said he was for legalization of illegal immigrants and said the website was his.

“Walker said that what he was in favor of was a “pathway to legalization.”  He said, “To start talking about deportation is ludicrous.”  He said his plan was to offer people who are in this country illegally a pathway to legal status but not to citizenship.

However, on one of Walker’s websites, under the heading “immigration,” he states, “I propose ‘Pathway to Security’ legislation that would provide an incremental pathway to citizenship for 12 million illegal immigrants.”

Walker said that this particular website was more of a blog than an actual campaign website, but it is a “walker4nc” website and Walker said it was his.''(6/5)

Now, Mark Walker is cracking under pressure and claiming I fabricated something.

He is either losing touch with reality or the dirtiest of political liars. One would wish the media would call on Mr. Walker to prove his charge against me. I am not holding my breath because most probably want Republicans to nominate a reckless candidate who comes unglued like Mark Walker is.

I can't judge Mark Walker's sanity. Calling Dr. Krauthammer. You're needed in Greensboro. Republicans need to know if Mark Walker is stable enough to be our standard bearer for Congress.

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