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Mark Walker is upset with our recent post that said he was silent on the $51,000 raise for the Greensboro Coliseum Director. He says on Facebook that he had a meeting with the Director to make his displeasure known.

However, I see nothing in the official minutes of the Greensboro Coliseum Commission where Mr. Walker serves to show he ever said anything publicly and on the record to oppose the raise. He made no motion to rescind it or cut it. If such documents exist, I hope someone will bring them to my attention because I haven't found them.

I await further information. But right now, it looks like what a politician does - cover yourself with a strong protest while doing nothing effective that would rock the boat. And isn't that what we have in Washington now?
Bob Blasingame
4/17/2014 06:40:39 am

I just pulled your hit piece on Mark Walker from my mailbox. You are dirt. The lowest possible form of pond scum on the earth. The farthest possible reach you could make and then you spent money on a mailer? We know who your backing and you just confirmed everything we thought about your little group of cronies. Last I checked Wake Forest is not in the 6th Congressional District. Unfortunately I'm not surprised.

Brian Faust
4/19/2014 06:39:29 am

As a city employee who was shocked by the raise I too spoke with Mark Walker regarding the decision. I have known Walker for about six years and was familiar with his appointment to the Commission. I recall our conversation detailing how the entire raise process was done in a behind closed doors manner, between the former city manager and coliseum director. Walker's position on the commission is also volunteer. Hardly placing him in a spot to make final decisions on how Greensboro chooses to waste money. I guess the cushioned seat upgrades at the coliseum are comfy enough that you dont want to complain about the dollars spent in that area.


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