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Is there something in the water in the Surry County Town of Dobson causing amnesia? No, because my veterinarian father traveled to Dobson many times while working in the poultry industry and he had an excellent memory until the day he went to Heaven .

But Mark Walker had a bad case of amnesia discussing his view on illegal immigration while campaigning in Dobson a few days ago . The News and Record reported “There is a transition,” Walker said. “My position did firm up over the last two years and I’m not embarrassed about that.''

The paper also said ''Walker told the crowd he now believes the U.S. needs to secure its borders and enforce the immigration laws already in place. That will dry up the job market for workers here illegally, he said.''

So in Dobson the other day, Mr. Walker made it sound like he might have been for something like amnesty a long time ago but now he wants those illegal immigrants to leave and he will make them leave by enforcing the law.

Only that isn't what the Rhino Times newspaper wrote in June at the Greensboro Realtors debate. Here is what the Rhino Times reported, “An earlier post on one of his website states, “I propose ‘Pathway to Security’ legislation that would provide an incremental pathway to citizenship for 12 million illegal immigrants.”

And the newspaper asked Mr. Walker about that statement and here is what he said. “In June, asked about his earlier position on immigration in favor of a path to “citizenship,” Walker said that he was not ever in favor of “a pathway to amnesty” but agreed that he had been in favor of a “pathway to legalization.”  He did admit that it was one of his websites we were discussing and agreed that he had been in favor of a pathway to legalization.”

So in June, Mark Walker admitted that he had favored legal status for illegal immigrants. How does that square with what he said in Dobson about enforcing the law to send illegals home? It doesn't. While in Dobson Mr. Walker was all for sending illegals home by taking away their jobs, he told the Rhino Times the idea of deporting illegals is '' ludicrous.''

And note the part of the Rhino Times interview where Mr. Walker admitted the website favoring citizenship and legalization was indeed his.

Only he denies having anything to do with that legalization website now. The Rhino Times notes, “Now Walker is accusing a super political action committee (PAC) that supports Berger of creating the website and posting on it the statements about amnesty.”

Mark Walker is caught. He has said too many different things in too many different places. And he doesn't have the honesty to take responsibility for it.

Mr. Walker is suffering an acute case of political amnesia where a politician forgets what he has said before and hopes the voters don't care enough to check.

He may have charisma and charm and a reputation for truth . But under pressure, Mark Walker is dangerously close to turning himself into a say anything to get elected politician.

However , saying anything to get elected might not work for Mr. Walker. One Surry County voter told the News and Record, “I’m not 100 percent sure I agree with what Walker says about amnesty. I think he’s made some comments in the past that don’t match what he’s saying now.''

People do catch on .

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