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Senator Jesse Helms always had one campaign promise and that was to level with the voters. And nobody can say he didn't.

That brings me to yesterday's Breitbart News story where Mark Walker changed his story again about who published the website where he said he wanted legalization for 12 million illegal immigrants.

You will recall that last Saturday on Facebook Mark Walker told a voter who asked him where the website came from that Bob Harris did it. And he seemed rather emphatic when he posted those words.

But as I pointed out later that evening, Mr. Walker had admitted in the Rhino Times in June that it was his website and they were his words but he just didn't believe them anymore.

But yesterday in the Breitbart story, Mr. Walker's campaign claimed either Phil Berger Jr. did it or an unknown third party but the website was definitely “fake”. Saturday night, Mark Walker was dead sure I did it. Now it's just somebody did it.

Can anybody imagine Jesse Helms coming up with a mish mash of double talk like this?

And here's why it matters. If a candidate is going to so obviously try to deceive you and blame somebody else for something he did, then he will deceive you when he gets to Washington. And don't we have enough deception in Washington already?

Under normal circumstances, if a candidate was promoting such a blatantly false story, the media would be all over it, especially the Greensboro News and Record.

But not this time. Because the News and Record might just be afraid that Phil Berger Jr. will be as effective promoting conservative issues in Washington as his dad has been in Raleigh. Senator Berger has passed tax cuts, spending restraint, school choice legislation and pro-life laws the left hates with a passion. And their attack doesn't slow down Senator Berger. He just keeps advancing conservative ideas that work.

Mark Walker is willing to fool the voters. And a politician who thinks he can fool people about where his amnesty website came from will think he can fool us again

Phil Berger Jr. isn't flip flopping like a fish out of water. He's consistent. And he might well be another fighter for what is right like his father. And we need that kind of leader in Washington.

7/3/2014 10:49:41 pm

Would have been a Berger supporter had I not known Mark Walker for years. It seems I me Jr is a desperate man using desperate measures and hanging onto daddy's coattails. Your flip flop ad was hilarious. And stupid. I'm sure this comment will not get approved.....rather swept under the rug. Hey!! Just like it's done in Washington!!


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