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The time line does not look good for Mark Walker's honesty about when he made his statement in favor of legalization for 12 million illegal immigrants.

On Facebook Saturday night, a gentleman posted this statement

“Let's be honest, Mark - as all my C4GC friends would require - you are on record as saying we need a "path to legalization for the 12 million illegals in the country." That sounds a lot like amnesty. I am a Berger supporter, and was one long before you got into the race, but I find it troubling that you would suggest that you are opposed to amnesty, when you are on record as saying that you favor a path to legalization for 12 million. If we want straight talk from Berger, certainly we want the same from you!'

Mark Walker answered him this way

“I don't know you but you seem a reasonable person... Those comments are a couple of years old from an old site when I was still pastoring. Bob Harris has created another website and placed those comments on there.”

Of course, Mark Walker made up his story that I created another website and placed his old comments there. I am not a computer expert but if Google and the NSA can track our movements through our cell phones, then I am sure someone could figure out where the website came from and who did it.

But there is no need to trace it because Mark Walker himself admitted in the Rhino Times on June 5 that the website was his. In his Facebook exchange, he made up a new story and forgot he had already told the newspaper a different story.

Do Republicans really want a politician who is changing his story like he was in Washington already?

But look at the second point in Mark Walker's new story. He says “Those comments are a couple of years old from an old site when I was still pastoring.”

The comments he says are 2 years old can be found here.

Notice the video on that website. It is Mark Walker speaking at what appears to be the Guilford Courthouse Battlefield. And according to Mark Walker's You Tube page, the video was posted April 18, 2013. So that website has content on it that is a year old, not 2 years old as Walker claims.

On November 20, 2012, blogger Billy Jones reported Mark Walker had withdrawn his name from consideration for the vacant Greensboro City Council seat.

Does anyone think a candidate for City Council 2 years ago was writing a position paper on illegal immigration and the other national issues that are on that website? No. That is a website Mark Walker created for his campaign for Congress. It's nothing I created and it's not a church website and it's not 2 years old like he claims.

I really don't care if Mark Walker wants to bear false witness against me. An infinitely higher power than me can judge that.

But I sure would hate to see the Democrats take this Congressional seat for Obama because Republican voters didn't realize that Mark Walker is a fatally flawed candidate. Telling too many stories is a sure way to lose.

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