In response to Mr. Walker's bogus charge that Keep Conservatives United is involved in illegal conduct, WFMY asked us about our relationship with Berger for Congress and our political involvement. Here is exactly what I told WFMY.

I formed kcu in 2011 to elect conservative Republicans. We supported Bachmann and Santorum for President. We have published original research on Senator Hagan and I have personally produced an ad kcu hopes to air in the fall.
Senator Berger's done more than anyone since Helms to advance conservative ideas in NC. Berger Jr is the only candidate in the race who has done anything effective for improving government or advancing the cause. Sixth district was only competitive race.
I have no contact with the campaign and footage came from you tube and FEC says that's OK
I understand Walker's c4gc friends, who are a state pac, are running ads for him in a Federal race. Don't think that is legal. However, I don't object. Not interested in suppressing free speech like some kind of Lois Lerner
Write back if you have questions
john Blust
7/9/2014 09:38:15 am

Who are you? Why do you insult people's intelligence?

Samuel Spagnola
7/11/2014 01:55:33 pm

Why does an organization that has a stated purpose of electing state level Republicans donate $75,000 to an organization that has as its sole purpose during this election cycle to elect a single candidate to a federal position who just happens to be the son of a primary leader of the donating organization? How does that happen?

Campaign finance scandals involving conservatives don't help unite conservatives- they help Democrats beat us.

Better lawyer up.


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