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Yesterday, a Berger supporter asked a Walker supporter on Facebook why Mark Walker won't sign the no tax increase pledge. The Walker supporter said Walker is going to cut taxes, so of course, he's not going to raise them.

That's a nice spin. Only it doesn't at all agree with what Mark Walker said. He said he wasn't signing the no tax increase pledge because "
. That is part of the Washington gridlock".

Mr. Walker didn't say anything about cutting taxes, just not being part of the Washington gridlock. And besides, Mark Walker is running for a 2 year term in Congress. And Barack Obama is going to be President so there will be no tax cuts.

So why is Mr. Walker so upset about Washington gridlock when the choice is raising taxes or gridlock? Here's my theory. Mark Walker wants to be popular in the media and in Washington.

Nothing will make you more popular in the media and in Washington than  selling out Republican principles. As a minister, Mark Walker couldn't sell out on social issues. I don't think he could do it in good conscience and it wouldn't work anyway because he would look like a phony.

But Republican economics like not raising taxes is something else. If Mark Walker goes to Washington and says government needs more revenue, he would be the toast of the town. He would instantly become popular in the media.

No, Mark Walker's refusal to sign the no tax increase pledge has nothing to do with cutting taxes. It's about negotiating in Washington with Nancy Pelosi for some big deal that raises taxes permanently and restrains spending for about 15 seconds. It won't help the country. But it might make Mark Walker popular among the elite.

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